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Love of Family and Angels

The love of family goes beyond this life and time/space experiences. The sacred bonds between mother and father, sisters and brothers, are beyond just human experience. You are bonded by the love that you hold for each other, which brought you together in the first place.
Family ties may be very complicated. Many are full of emotional energies and lessons of interacting karma that contain perceived and physical hurts. How this shapes the soul is a mystery to most in the 3D experience, for the multidimensional patterns are not understood.

Feel the Connections

Ultimately, all beings are connected by bonds of love. You are becoming multidimensional in your conscious awareness and in your ability to create. Open to possibilities that are mystical and magical.
As you open to more connection with each other and integrate the fragments of your own personality, you will see the ties that bind and be able to understand their meaning.
Past lives and timelines will become more available to the masses as this information is useful for your growth.

New Age and New Ways

The veil is thinning, and all are uniting to bring in a new age and new ways of being human. The rise in consciousness expands to include all walks of life and institutions. There is now more cooperation and more desire to work together to achieve common goals.

All are One in the pattern of creation, but the weft and weaves of the tapestry of life display any number of pleasing patterns as each person honestly chooses that which lights up their passion. Be passionate in the coming days in being about your business.

Put on a smile and display a bounce in your step. Dance to the music of your heart and the music of the spheres. Life is meant to be a fun and games—a dream of visions and ideas of the perfect creations. Perfect to you and yet able to change and to become more expansive.

The creative essence that you are is never ending-. It is full of love and of the glorious flows of energy. The sacred geometry of your being and the expressions that only you can bring are of great beauty and majesty.


Angels Greet You With Great Joy

It is with great joy that we, the angels, and Archangels support you and all you do—and all that you are.

We support all your choices and all your efforts to find your way in the fulfillment of your destiny—gathered in by the light of Love.

Connect with the waves of the energy bathing the planet daily in different intensity to change everything for the better. Do not doubt that it is happening and that you are an integral part of evolutionary progression.

We Archangels are the archetypes of each of these energies and influences that you understand as different aspects of the Creator.

We aesthetically smooth the sculpture of the designs of the Universe.

We were with you in the creation of this Earth platform and now in her (Mother Earth, Gaia’s) ascension to her proper place in the hierarchy of the heavens as the heart chakra.

You will achieve the shift of the ages. The achievement of reaching critical mass is finally here, as you knew in your hearts that it would be. The choice to support the light has been made my the majority necessary to achieve the tipping point.

As you feel the dawning of the light for all, believe in yourself and trust the plan and the beauty of the ultimate design that is unfolding.

And so it is.

The Angels

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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