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Love is All There Is

The world as you know it is but a vibrational experience of frequency expressing through you as form. This experience in density is a sacred expression of love no matter what stories you choose to add as an overlay onto this energy.

Love is all there is. Now, this statement might frustrate and anger some because they have cut themselves off from the higher forms of love vibrations in their experiential world in material form. Do not deny yourself love any longer!

Perhaps the forms of your life are in ruins as chaos rearranges the energies for new expressions. This does not change the reality of Source that created everything out of the pure energy of Love.

Perhaps you want to know more about how to feel that love in your heart and in your life. Begin with emptying the mind. Feel into the silence—the spaces—and breathe in and from the heart.

When you activate the energy centers within you, you touch the “God Stuff” that you truly are.

Breathe and feel. When you do this as a practice, it will clear out all that is not the truth of your Higher Self.  The highest version of you will shine through from the peace—from the stillness. Be still and know.

Making Sense of Life

Those who can find the good and the gratitude in their lives will be blessed with more. This is the Law of Attraction that has gained so much popularity in the spiritual vocabulary.

It is still the old story of the talents in the biblical texts. It is only common sense as the Law of Cause and Effect to those who care to look around them-and can see that “what you sow, so shall you reap.”

Everything is leading you back toward the Source. Even in the hardest situations you can find comfort if you will go deep within and reach for the eternal presence there. Sometimes life’s circumstances will take you there as if it is quicksand.

When you find the joyous and contented feelings that you seek acknowledge them. Take the time to nurture them. The mind, and the demands of the world energy will push and pummel you if you allow it.

Just stop and enjoy pure being. It is in anchoring in this that you will find some stability. Making sense of things with human logic is over rated—it will not bring you peace.

Creating Everything 

The paradoxes of the nature of existence can blow your mind on a daily basis.

What if you just allow and appreciate? What if everything is part of a Divine orchestration, and as such, is all right? Can you just allow the now moment?

In the NOW moment is all that you need. Center in this and take each moment as it comes to you. As they say, “The present is the gift.” Receive the gift of what is in the now.

Ask yourself these questions: How beautiful is that? How good can it get? Get your mind to focus on these questions rather than having it focus on problems. The answers to all will come to you in the moment as needed.

How does it get any better than this? Take this is a new mantra for elevating yourself higher in vibrational resonance. This is where the expansion is. This is the magic of the multidimensional world of the quantum field. The next wave of evolution for humanity is on the leading edge of the unimaginable.

As the world comes to the brink of the new horizon prepare to be amazed. Sit in anticipation of what is the best possible outcome and go beyond that. How DOES it get any better? Life will answer in “spades” and in “hearts” as well. (Laughter at the Cosmic joke)

Cosmic joking aside, there is so much that is ready to be placed at your doorstep that you can only dream of. Just let go of the burdens of the past. All is becoming new.

For free meditations just follow this link.

Angelic Transmission of Light

Again we the Angels and Archangels, come in transmitting frequencies for the anchoring and affirming of love.

I AM Gabriel and Hope is with me–coming to you with glad news and great joy. Will you receive them? Will you receive into your heart the gifts that are given to you? What about the gifts that are given through you?

Blessings of grace, and hope, and love everlasting are yours and pour out on humanity.

Breathe this in and lie down in it, as a bed of rose petals, of soft and sensual comfort; like a warm blanket that wraps you in luxury of the LOVE that is the All-That-Is.

We bring to you this out-pouring of the Oneness you seek that is seeking you in the eternal dance of love everlasting. Soak it in. Rest in this.

We hold you always in the heart of the great I AM.

And so it is,


The Angels


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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