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Life Purpose and Practice

Prioritizing your life is done on a spiritual level according to your life plan and soul purpose. Those plans and purposes are stored within your energetic design at creation.

Your divinely orchestrated pattern unfolds for you. Your interactions with others bring to you the life patterns that are looking for resolution, attention, focus and direction.

This occurs on a daily basis. You do not need to go in search of a purpose. It is moving toward you at all times. It is laid at your feet each day.

However, you do have the opportunity to make choices continually, you can choose to move with purposefulness or be reactionary. Isn’t it wonderful to have the free will to choose?

Take up your personal power and know that whatever your choice, it will lead you to the next step, and a path will appear before you.

Choose sovereignty as your life’s song.

Trust Spirit

You can trust spirit—God, Source, Universe—to guide and direct this process at all times. You are not rudderless unless you choose to be confused. Wipe away your mental and emotional clouds by first cleaning out the cobwebs of toxins in the body and in your environment. This is always the most obvious starting place.

You do well to ask your guides and Angels for direction. Then of course you have the choice to listen and move forward with the advice that was given or not. Trust your intuition. Trust the signals that your body will give to you about the highest and best moves to make.

How does it feel? Check in with yourself and find integration and harmony. Coherence of the bodies that make up your being will bring in the happiness you seek.

Practice Makes Perfect

You would be served by a daily practice of varying levels of activity and attention. Small routines can make a big difference. Begin with one thing new each week to add to your basic routine.

If you don’t have a strong spiritual practice or have not started one, begin. Meditation is a most helpful practice for anyone. At this stage of earths progression it can make all the difference and will be a common practice as evolution moves forward.

Many people do a form of meditation already without knowing that they are centering themselves in the body by connecting with spirit/source. Any way one can slowdown and be more consciously mindful is beneficial.

Exercise and healthful diet are also encouraged for those who want success and fulfillment in their lives. There are many choices for you daily on this awakening journey. Choose wisely without feeling guilty or adding stress to your emotional body with these choices.

(Life Purpose and Health are linked.)

Conscious Living

When you make the choice to live life consciously—also called mindfulness—you choose to awaken. This is a process of becoming more alive and more in sync within your body, mind, spirit complex.

This is also known in spiritual circles as unplugging from the matrix. This matrix is a thoughtform creation that is the default system for the mass consciousness.  It has been largely created by entities that have desires to control and manipulate the energy of humanity.

As you are moved to bring more and more awareness to your life and each one of your daily activities you will also see those around you doing the same. It is this awakening that is the turning of the tides of humanity toward conscious evolution.

“Live Life Consciously” is a great motto and one you can live by because this is the natural movement of earth at this time and the energetics of heaven support this at an ever increasing level.

Blessing of Purpose

This intuitive message has been largely a review and a centering and may seem to be without our usual warmth and the encouragement that you like. We will not leave you without the love and blessing of the hosts of light who attend you.


Blessing of Purpose and Healing with Archangel Raphael

We bless you at this time with clarity, with strength of purpose to achieve your life plan that is boosted with intersession of Archangel Michael’s blue flame.

We infuse you with an outpouring of the yellow flame of the mind of God Consciousness to support you on your journey this day, this week, and always.

There is now a transmission of healing energy that is a blast of green and pink. Receive healing from the Archangel Raphael and his angel band to blast the little spots of darkness that have accumulated like dust upon you.

Be blessed by all the rainbow rays that come your way.

It is sealed in purity with sparkling white crystal light.


And so it is,

The Angels


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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