Spirit Guides Say All Feelings Are Good

Let All Feelings Just Be

You might think that waking up in the night with an uneasy feeling is anxiety. The guides say that it is normal in this time of ascension into Higher Consciousness.

Unable to sleep and noticing unusual “butterfly” feelings in my stomach I was confused. I didn’t know what to make of it. So I got up to ask the angels. Here is what they had to say:

Notice Your Feeling Body

Notice the excitement that you feel in the belly, in the solar-plexus. It is about the energy of change within you that you are feeling uneasy. This is actually an improvement in your consciousness to notice your feeling body.

WE would say that they are feelings of happiness that are expanding in you that are so different in contrast to the heaviness that you are used to. It is only that the feelings are unfamiliar to you, so just leave it at that and do not judge it.

The truth is everything is fine—even better than fine.

What if All Feelings Are Good?

Maybe you could just feel it and let it all be good. All of the feelings and energies that come through your body for translation can be felt and let the feeling of them be “good.”

You may ask, “How is that possible that all feelings are pleasant?” It is possible and desirable to just feel and not judge. All the different energies are important–all are needed.

You can learn to discriminate between frequencies just like you would hear music or see colors. You don’t have to make up a story every time you hear a sound or see the color red. Just notice.

There are just differences in the field. There is coming a time when other senses will come on line for humanity. Someone has to be first. Some people have to begin the process of tuning into their feelings—not as emotions but as a translation of frequencies.

For example, you can learn to distinguish each of the energies of the Archangels that have been given a name and areas of expertise. This is a good place to start since that is where you are in your attention and interest to explore.

Each Archangel Has a Unique Energy

What about tuning into each of the Archangelic frequencies? You can start with the known and written about energy patterns. And you have already dabbled in some of the unknown ones as well.

Begin by contacting each of these frequencies and get a feeling for them. They are in a certain bandwidth that has a vortex of focus.

When you ask the questions of the Unified Field of Consciousness that you wish to know—whether it is the Akashic Records or other information that is in the field, there are answers.

All you need to do is go with the flow and record them. Just receive and don’t edit. You don’t need to try to control the process. This is how channelers roll.

The information that is in your field is connected through the being that you are, who you have been and will be, in the continuum.

There is no boundary of time and space that will limit you in this exploration. Just think of it as an adventure and see where the exploration goes for you.

This is the way to break the bonds of the 3rd dimension and ascend into the next.

Allow Yourself to Be Unique and Different

There will be new ways of being, new ways of thinking, and these will translate into new ways of acting for humanity. But the larger the group, the more time it takes in the dimension that you now inhabit, so you have to act accordingly.

This means that there will be pioneers in every field. This new age that humanity is moving into is one of innovation and expansion.

You are equipped to move ahead and to unlock new realms of thinking and being in the world. Let it be okay to be different. You can be “weird” in your own way.

The first step is to allow it and let it not be so strange–adjust.

Expand Your Perspective – Be a Pioneer

How do you think those who were labeled genius were able to pursue their passions? This is an interesting question to ponder. A question for the channelers and those who communicate with their “future selves” to take a look at.

You could consider yourself to be in that group of pioneers if you wish to. Maybe this would help you sleep at night. (the spirit guide laughs out loud)

Maybe the idea of just letting yourself be really different in a really new way, would satisfy the urges that are coming up that make you restless and unable to pay attention to things that used to interest you.

Something to think about. Let your mind chew on this idea rather than on the old patterns. Introduce some new lines of thought that will break you out of the box of past programming.

That is another interesting thought—we may be full of them. (I hear more laughter)

Perhaps with this said and written out you can now allow your body to rest. Go try…

Your Angels and Guides

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