explosion of the heart

Law of Attraction Power: Expand the Fire of the Heart

Angel Message 09-29-20~~

The wheels of time move on and cycles turn. What appears is the out-picturing of Consciousness. Individual and collective thought patterns converge and expand, interact and disperse, like a kaleidoscopic design.

What the mind perceives is the result of thought forms –therefore the creative process is to learn to stamp the energy with patterns of what one wishes to see. This is the Law of Attraction.

You are more powerful than you know—so think accordingly, react accordingly. The chemistry of your body will also respond to your thoughts and intentions. So simply recreate the world scenes through your the higher mind’s eye. You can and will!

Pay attention to what is on the world screen as it plays out in the physical.  Then adjust your thinking patterns by learning to love more.

Ask, how do I love more? Keep asking.

Expand the heart flame. Focus on the heart and point the mind into creative meanderings of joy, love and peace. You CAN do this!

Do not be fooled by the old habits and momentums of fear and the victim/victimizer game.

 Surrender the thrall—the addiction to playing games. Embrace forgiveness, compassion, understanding and faith. All the death and destruction of past cycles can be mitigated and turned back.

Would you have it be so? Then begin to act as if this is true now and bring it into the world in which you live. Move forward like a wave of light—as the energy beings you are.

Pour the energetic reaction to what you observe into the fire of the heart and the action of the tube taurus spin cycle. Extrude the energies of fear and destruction with the imprinted spin of love that will re-qualify them. Purify those thought forms and stamp picture perfect scenarios onto that which you reclaim in Heavens name.

Whatever is happening cannot harm you. It is only a “figment of your imagination” a dream state of awareness. Make your imagination for goodness stronger and more vibrant.

Use whatever appears before you to create in your imagined dream, dream greater and greater glorious outcomes. This is the role of the creative force within you. Find it and use it. This is why you are here.

Move like a ninja master through life—righting the “wrongs” if you like but know that all is for awakening to your power. The power of the divinity that is at the core of your being.

You are blessed and loved, guided and protected—allow it to be thus by acting as if this is true for you. You see others as capable and able—know that you are not less-than they. You are no different from any of the heroes that you have created.

For you ARE them. There is no “them.” There is only the ever awakening expanding YOU—the ONE, the I AM.

Open to that—   Accept that—  Rest in that—  OM

And so it is

*I have noticed that the guides and angels repeat their messages over and over again until we get it. The message is repeated in different words, in different ways.

The same message seems to be in the air floating around to be picked up by everyone. We receive light codes by breathing in life.

Through the in-breath and out-breath we transmit into the physical. We have DNA that is coded with divine information. We act as receivers and transmitters. We are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. For more Angel Messages click this link


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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