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Jesus Unconditional Self-Love

The key for progress on the path of awakening in Higher Consciousness is true unconditional love of the self.

The higher Soulful Self or the True Self is inseparable from the Creator, the All-That-IS. The self (small “s”) that you appear to be in the physical dimension is but a fragment of what you are. This separation yearns for the wholeness of love. This love is a gift that you must give yourself. 

(This love of self is your connection to the True Soulful Self—that fraction of you that is part of God Source.)

The love of this imperfect being that you identify as—this being of complex energies and karmic residues is intentionally created as an aspect of the whole. It is a version that shines a certain perspective on the screen of being. Be true to who you already are.

Life Purpose 

By these words we point out that the configuration of your life purpose was never intended to be “perfect” according to the world’s interpretation of it. Honor the creation of Source that you are. Trust the God Self that created you.

You need to quit expecting perfection with your limited understanding. You create suffering for yourself and others when perfection is the standard you hold. Can you allow that to sink in?

There is nothing wrong with the being that you are. There is no need of forgiveness. Forgiveness as such does not exist in spirit. There is nothing to “forgive.” There is only the eternal NOW of being that is expanding in unto itself.

Jesus Christ Steps Forward to Speak of Love

Furthermore, I step forward to speak of my embodiment as Christ Jesus. I admonished all to “Love one another as I have loved you. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. And love God with all your heart, might, mind and strength.”

Two thousand years have passed since these admonishments were given to humanity. The evolutions of man will step into more love now but only if you will love yourself as I love you.

Love is a fountain that flows through you and from you.

Love is an ever expanding wave of Higher Consciousness.

Love is the balm of healing for every ill or dis-ease.

Blessings of Love do we, of the Council of Light, give to you this day!

Receive the love of the Self that blooms with gratitude and appreciation for the great blessings of Life.

Reach Out for Help

The hosts of angelic light continue to gather like a rising storm cloud of billowing white. The weather of Earth is changing as energetic wind, rain, and storms of light waves move through your cosmic space.

This life feels like a rough and treacherous sea for many. Feel the emotions but remember the stories of calming the seas at the time of Jesus. He was reaching out to Peter, admonishing him to walk on the water. I reach out to you to come to me as the love that you are. Read Jesus walking on water story here.

Hold my hand. Walk over the seas of emotional turmoil that threatens to engulf you. It will calm the seas of self-doubt and overwhelm. Calm your mind and subconscious anxiety.

I say to those seas, “Peace be Still.” Story of Jesus calming the seas Mark 4-39.

Peace be still my brother and sister and walk in the light of Love. Many hands of angelic beings, ascended masters, and all manner of divine help reach out to you.

Grab on to this assistance and don’t let go.

You’ve got this.

And so it is,

Jesus and the Council of Light

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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