Message from Jesus on Self-Love

~Angel-Oracle Message 4-6-21~~Self-love includes a very large portion of self-forgiveness. To feel better, forgive and love into the situations that are causing you pain. Breathe into where you feel it in the body.

Forgiveness is an energy that you must generate within. You must BE that forgiveness. Forgive those thoughts that have held you back from your Divine Self. Forgive your mind for taking you into scenarios that haven’t happened or that cause you grief.

Don’t forget that the future is still in the making. Miracles happen. They are laid out before you.

So called “mistakes” happen every day to good people, as do miracles. The mercy of the Love of God/Source/Universe is ever present and the violet flame of forgiveness is a gift you that you give yourself.

Remember to take the hands of the Angels that are offered to lift you up.

The angelic blue print is yours also as you make connection to the Angels and Archangels. Bring it into manifestation by invoking the multitude of heavenly hosts. They are the very living manifestations of mercy, forgiveness, transmutation and transformation. This is the energy that you truly wish to bath yourself in.

(Archangel Zadkiel and his twin flame, Holy Amethyst, are the archangels of the seventh ray of violet flame transmutation and spiritual alchemy.)

Wrap Yourself in Garments of Transfiguration

Immerse yourself in love and of the violet flame of transmutation.

See yourself swimming in a silky purple substance of light and love. Awaken from the dream of illusion that any real damage can be done to you or by you. All that you see and interact with is just energy that changes resonance and form.

Do not forget again that you are the creator. Change the resonance. Transform your thoughts and feelings—you know that you have the ability. Make the choice to drop the frequency of doubt and fear—of blame and shame. It is a false matrix that is put upon you like blinders.

You have allowed blinders to shut you off from your well-being.

Here are some actions that you can take:

  • Turn your focus to everything that is RIGHT with you.
  • Listen to the sounds of nature. Turn your attention to the birds that sing with joy just outside your door. They are there for you. The bounty of the natural world greets you every day.
  • Forgive yourself for all the imagined wrongs you have done in the false dreams of failure. Release those thoughts that tempt you to believe you are less than the perfection that God made you.
  • Say I’m sorry. The words holding forgiveness don’t come easily to you. When you allow the dust and mud to cake upon you, it becomes habit and spawns more misinformation from the mind.

The loss you feel is magnified by a momentum of subconscious patterning that you have picked up like dust on your clothing—like mud on your feet. It is as simple as dusting off the garments of your physical being and stepping out of your worn out boots.

Picture Yourself Transformed

In your mind’s eye see yourself standing in the rain. Raining down are all shades and colors of purple that represent the love and the forgiveness of self, of which we speak. See yourself laughing and scrubbing yourself off.

When you can, actually take yourself to the into the shower with it. Call to us to release the sticky substance of your perceived failures.

You do not need the forgiveness of others. You do not need the world to know your self judgement. You wear your self judgement like your favorite garment. Change it. Take it off right now.

The sinking feeling you have in your belly and in your aura must go. As you move into the future Self of your wildest dreams you cannot take the habit of self-criticism with you. You cannot be that person who uses perceived imperfection to beat yourself up with daily.

Compassion For Yourself and Others

If it was someone else you would forgive, you would counsel them to treat themselves with love and compassion. Why do you not honor yourself with compassionate healing?

Nothing is gained by seeing yourself with disgust. Yes, it is a harsh word. Yet it is a shame and disgust that you put upon yourself—that you have contracted from your past—that you will not let go of.

Oh we know it is difficult. You have proved to all and to yourself how difficult you believe it to be. But we declare to you this day that you are free. Just lay it down. Wash it off.

Or see yourself passing over a very heavy and battered suitcase of all the weight of your false judgement of yourself. Give it to your angels to carry. Whose judgement is it you carry but your own misplaced punishments.

We of the heavenly band of brothers and the sisterhood of saints, we declare you free.

Just give up your burdens to us.

Jesus Steps Forward

I AM Jesus, I AM the Christ Consciousness that has been delegated to “bear the sins of the world.” In the symbolic act of the crucifixion, and rising from the dead in resurrection, I have agreed to take on the burdens of your suffering.

I take on the burden of all mankind and have transmuted the weight of it already. While you wish to carry your share of the burdens of humanity and you wish to help me bear my cross—this is not needed nor helpful. I have already “overcome the world.” You have only to accept this for yourself.

This great victory of the light is for you too. I repeat—it is for you too.

I AM the victory over sin, disease and death. I AM the light of the world. I AM with you and through this—you are relieved of your burdens. Believe in me as the word of the I AM in your being.

Whatever failings you imagine that you have created, they are as white as snow because I say so. You have only to believe. Believe in the power of heaven, believe in me as the Son of God, the Christ. Believe my words of forgiveness and of mercy for they are real.

I AM Jesus the Christ come again to you and to everyone this day who will bend the knee of false pride and bow to my word, believing in me. Come unto me. You are forgiven of it all.

And so it is.

Your Guides and Angels

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