Insights and Intuition: What to do first

Insights and Intuition: What to do first

Recently I was asked to attend a spiritual tea-party get-together and bring a 6 minute insight speech. I was stumped. I have insights almost every hour of the day every day—that’s how I live my life. (Read Post – Life Purpose: What has Meaning?) If I wrote about all my “insights” you would not have time to read them all. And with all the insights available to each of us daily, how do you chose which one is the most meaningful for yourself or the world?

One of the HUGE insights that I had recently was the need to be present in the now. To make large advances in Consciousness it is necessary to be present in the moment. All that you need is right here right now. Your job is to feel the feelings and notice what is enfolding in the NOW. This is the most profound of teachings. Then just accept what is—do not push against it or try to change it. Just notice. (For more on this read Eckhart Toole’s Book, A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose or Jack Kornfield’s book, “After Ecstasy the Laundry”)

With that in mind, what is happening in the most recent moment was–I was procrastinating sitting down and writing. I was doing important things; things that I was telling myself I needed to do before I wrote my post for today. Ironically, one of them was to clear the blocks to doing the writing I need to do. So my Angel intuition said, “Stop what you are doing and re-examine your premise.” Well, I was still pretending to myself that I had all these other things to do first, so I did not understand the message. Still I knew better than to ignore my intuition. Then it dawned on me. Wow, I could just go DO IT. What a concept!

How many times do we say, “I have to do all these other important things first,” before we get to the most important issue? Why do we procrastinate? What we procrastinate is the place that needs the healing and clearing work. Yes there is resistance, and yes that resistance needs to be looked at and removed. But many times we can just make a decision, quit making excuses, and do it. Action is so necessary to reach any goal or dream, even if you can only do baby steps—take action.

Another insight that ties in with this is; that those of us who want to walk a more conscious spiritual path will sometimes use that path as an excuse to not do the right thing. What I mean by that are things like this: We are too busy meditating to love our family. Or we are too busy going to church to help our neighbor next door. Or we can’t be bothered with people who we view as lesser than ourselves. In the New-Earth-Consciousness we are moving into, these thoughtless choices have to stop. Ask yourself what would love do now? Then do that.

Whatever presents itself to you in your life, in each hour and each moment is the most important thing. Be aware of it. Forget about the past and the future. Whatever is the most loving thought, word or action available to the situation in the present moment, consciously choose that. And that includes being loving toward yourself.

Step by step, moment by moment we will increase the Consciousness of the whole world.


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and speaker who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness. She shares the magic of stepping away from fear and worry into a life filled with clarity and joy. Read her story here.