Inner Peace of Christ Consciousness

“Peace be unto you. Be soothed in the stillness of the Christ light energies descending.” Angel-Oracle Message 07-16-21 ~~

This is the message from the Angelic Realms in times of chaos, turmoil, tumult and virus fears.

‘The light comes and darkness falls away. It does not fight or lament. Darkness has no life of itself but is only the absence of the light.

The play of light and dark is a natural and necessary part of the cycles of the physical realm. Release the sense of struggle. You need not fight darkness but only to shine the light of truth—of love—of wisdom.’

You Are a Light Generator

The three power centers in the body hold and also generate the light. Mind, heart, and gut wisdom are all powerful energy generators. There is really nothing that you NEED to do. Only relax and breathe.

Expanding the light of the Holy Spirit begins with breath, which is life moving through you. You don’t even need to be conscious, but it does deepen the quality of the light if you move the energy consciously.


Breathe deeply into the solar-plexus, the wisdom center. Breathe circular breath in and out from the heart space. Or breathe into the earth through the crown to anchor yourself into the body. All these are daily practices that bring in more light.

You are the lightning rod of the light of God/Source—the bridge of heaven and earth. You are the love of God in action and in manifestation. Your worth is in simply being.

You are loved beyond measure and treasured simple for being who you are. We will keep telling you these things until you feel it in your very bones. Feel it in your bones!


You may roll your eyes at the repetition of the messages we bring to you—but each one carries cups of light that we pour out upon you. The blessings of heaven keep pouring out unto you. Yours is the daily repetition of saying yes; of opening–to accept and to receive. Simply receive.

Never fear, the blessings will sink in and be integrated by you. The light descends, grows and blooms. Your choices are about what is the BEST way to make that light shine.

Anchor the Energy

Let the light shine through you and as you, for this is what you are. You are a being of light clothed in physical form to bring Consciousness into the earth. Ground that light in every cell. Ground that energy vibrational frequency into the earth.

Whether this energy feels “good or bad” according to whatever definitions you are using does not really matter. Anchor it! All is energy—all is frequency—all is light in motion.

This is not brain science to be mulled over, to be hashed and rehashed by the mind. This is quantum physics of creative life energy, the stuff the Universe is made of, that is becoming more conscious.

Christ Consciousness

Be at peace with your role as the light of the world. Be one with the I AM, that Christ Consciousness that was in Christ Jesus, as the light of the world. This is the legacy and commission that he gives to the light bearers.

We salute you! We bless you with peace that passes understanding. PEACE BE STILL!

The turbulence of life must still with the command of the Christ Light.

And so it is,

The Angelic Hosts

Peace that passeth understanding is from a Bible quote. “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:7. It is explained nicely in a blog post on The Peace of God.


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  1. Faith on August 13, 2021 at 11:21 am

    Beautiful message of love and peace! Love to hear your Angel messages ❤


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