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Injustice and Illusion – it’s Just a Circus Show

Question: Everything right now feels like a trick or SCAM, an attempt to use and deceive. It seems that everyone is trying to take advantage of me in some way. What is really going on? Angel-Oracle Message 9-21-19

Angel-Oracle Answer: It IS true that the holographic world you live in is a play of darkness and light. It is a shadow-boxing show on the wall. Illusive and non-permanent. If all that you see is this, then in that way IT IS ALL A SCAM.

The true picture and perception can only come when you stand above and away from the drama.

You can watch it play out and laugh as the puppeteers put on a show. But you are not entangled unless you allow it. Unless you BELIEVE you are.

At any moment you are free to walk away from the show. Mentally draw your attention, intention and focus elsewhere—turn and walk the other way. Remove all emotional attachment and entanglement with it.

Does the show still go on? Maybe, but not for you.

What interests you then—in your new NOW? Bring your attention to what you wish to see and feel.

What is Real? Remember how love feels—that Divine Love that you knew and know as the only reality.

Others are not aware they are “damaging” you. They have their role as puppeteer, ringleader, or contortionist in order to have a really big show under the circus’s big-top tent in this circus of life.

It’s all in fun to punch the clown or pound the little guy into the ground with the big rubber hammer. It is an illusion. You are not damaged in any way. Know this! The light that you are can never be damaged or hurt or destroyed. NEVER!

When you can see through the slap-slick it can be humorous from the higher perspective. Find your own sense of humor of life’s antics of nonsense.

You can at any time, take your red balloon of happiness, skip out of the circus and go feed the friendly animals. Breathe the fresh air and laugh in the sun at the foolishness of the play acting.

Forgive the unconsciousness. Remember what Jesus said, “forgive them, they know not what they do.” Be not dismayed.

Step out of the unconscious audience that is so wrapped in their attention. They fixate on the bazaar and are addicted to the show. Take the bigger picture view.

Take deep breaths and feel the sun on your face. Everything is alright. It is only a circus act, meant to entertain. They will all awaken when they tire of the show and then the show is over.

Now take our hands–the hand of Angels and your Father-Mother God and be enveloped in the LOVE that is real. Let’s go home now!

It was only a day at the Circus Show…

Ask Angels Caliel and Nemamiah for help with injustice.

Caliel the Angel of Justice

Guardian Angel Caliel is a powerful angel and the defender of The Absolute Truth. He brings Justice and stands for Divine Laws. Caliel also has Divine Discernment. You only have to ask for his assistance. He will help you to discover the truth and to gain discernment for right action for yourself.

He is the angel that you could pray to for strength when you are innocent and when you face injustice. He has the amazing ability to eliminate all doubts and to show someone’s innocence. Caliel is the patron of lawyers and judges. He guides them and helps them to defend the innocent. Also, he fills them with integrity and respect for justice.

Nemamiah, the Angel of Discernment

You can also call to Nemamiah, the angel of discernment for guidance. Ask for clarity so that you will be able to see through someone’s intentions.


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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