I AM In Love with the Divine – Archangel Gabriel Meditation

Center in your heart and come into your body for meditation. Begin with a deep breath into your belly. Make each breath slow and deep.

On the out-breath, send that energy of life through your central core, into the earth to connect with the crystalline grid and anchor there.

Breathe in, into your heart center as you lift your chest for expansion of the love center there.

See the heart light burning and feel its warmth.

Notice its colors of flaming pink and green—of love and healing energy spinning within you.

On the next out-breath send that light—that love out into the world.

Let it expand in the room, to the building, into the countryside around you touching all with its warm embrace.

As you breathe in, stoke the fire of your heart with Divine unconditional love.

Feel that love flow into and through you as light and breath.

Send out that blessing into the Earth, into the air, and infuse the cells of your body with each breath.

Know you are deeply loved—feel deeply held, and seen, and heard, by the angelic hosts that surround you.

You are that LOVE that permeates all of life forever more…

Archangel Gabriel steps forward

I AM come to speak of renewal and of healing.

I announce again the birth of the Christ child within your heart and within the earth body.

Whether you believe it or not the earth transcends and transforms the density that once was, as the love expands.

Let love expand in you as a light unto the world.

Light a candle of annunciation to punctuate that light.

Light within and without until the levels of the light—of that love, increase in brightness more and more.

This is your calling in the new earth, to shine more brightly.

For there is a new beginning in the 2020 energy that expands through the next decade and beyond.

Sing and dance in celebration and love yourself and one another as expressions of the ONE—in a circle of light surrounding the flame of life.

I Gabriel am come, and I am here standing with you.

The hosts of heaven assemble as a chorus and sing of the glory of Christ Consciousness descending upon you. Just as it was in days of old—the days of Christ Jesus.

Do you hear the song? Do you feel the JOY expand within you in anticipation of the event—the advent, the season of love and light.

Blessings be upon you and all who reverberate this joy in LOVE—in love with the Divine—the love of your life—and the answer to your call for more. Receive it NOW!

I Gabriel have spoken it!

Blessings be unto you for the NEW YEAR and new decade ahead!

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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