How to Survive Chaos and the Confusion of Energy Shifts

How to Survive Chaos and the Confusion of Energy Shifts

worldSometimes changes in our Mother Earth threaten to transport us beyond the veil sooner than we expected. With the increasing vibrational energy shift many may not be able to keep body and soul together. The good news is that the major planetary destruction predicted by some will NOT happen as so many have predicted. But how will you fair on a personal level?

It is truly the “end of the world” for some who are caught in natural disasters every day. Today the crisis that many face is the destruction of the “ego.” This doesn’t sound bad until the fear and anxiety is overwhelming and the urge to run someone off the road wells up inside. What to do then?

The key for survival in times ahead is the ability to be flexible and to go with the flow of events. As people become more and more aware that thoughts create things both positive and negative manifestation faster than ever; it becomes more evident every day that we have to learn to direct both our thoughts and our emotions. This is a task that takes some work but is quite possible with tools that I will detail for you in this blog.

First and foremost, it is about your personal vibrational frequency. It really is NOT about positive and negative, or “good and evil”, as some churches have taught. It is about being in an energy field of love and acceptance verses the energy of fear, which is anti-love—as is anger, criticism, condemnation and judgment. Trust your Angels, have faith in God, know that the Universe orchestrates all events for the best good of all concerned always. Hold that thought!

If you are just beginning experiments using the “Law of Attraction” it is easy to get discouraged as events of life are beyond your control or you don’t get what you asked for. Be patient and have compassion for yourself and others as they work through the challenges of life, for everyone has them.

Keep practicing; the key to riding the emotional waves in life is to use repetition. Keep doing your positive talk, thoughts, and use loving kindness in all situations. Again, I will give you tips, exercises, and examples to assist in being successful.

In the beginning, things may not make sense to you and of course it is difficult to keep your balance when there is still pain. As you or your loved ones are challenged by events in the material world the connection to Source will become stronger. The inner world and your relationship to All-That-Is, is the only thing that matters, the only thing that is lasting. Life and the dramas of your personal experience are all designed to lead you back to the Oneness that is God.

You may be tempted to swear at God as you feel that you and others are suffering. Know that all suffering is the result of non-acceptance. The key is in being accepting of the “cards that are dealt you” and rolling with the changes. Understand that everything will make sense to you as you connect to your own Higher Consciousness. God, Source, the Angels, all love you dearly and will never leave you.

Be in a receptive state to receive God’s grace and directions, they will be revealed to you. Ask for protection to surround you and your loved ones and to be blessed with comfort and peace. You are heard and answered.

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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