How to Gain Control of Your Life

How to Gain Control of Your Life

dreamstime_controlObviously everyone wants freedom to make their own choices, but do you understand that control over your life begins in your thoughts? Do you realize how powerful you can be when you actually choose what you think? Maybe this idea is not new information to you. But have you put your knowledge into action on a daily basis?

If you have not implemented directing your thought patterns and feelings by conscious choice, then what you know is just a theory.

It is so important to take charge of yourself and your life. This is self-empowerment. Outside forces want control of your mind. This is not a conspiracy theory. Just look at the advertisements that bombard you from every direction. How much do companies, political parties, etc. spend on influencing your thoughts and actions? Billions and billions. It is no wonder that many people feel powerless. Take your mind back from the unconscious programming of what others want you to believe.

Studies show the way the brain works. The human brain sorts through approximately 70,000 thoughts every day. When thoughts are repeated continually they become beliefs and your dominant thought pattern that arrives at the surface of your consciousness. This thought pattern operates on a habitual automatic track in your mind and runs like a narrative tape over and over. These runaway thoughts trigger, consciously or unconsciously your feelings and your reactions to the circumstances of your life.

When you become aware of what you are thinking and feeling, you can choose and then practice using new thoughts and behaviors. With practice, your new thoughts will become your dominate thoughts replacing the old patterns in your brain. And before you know it, you have chosen a new better thought pattern.

Have you considered monitoring your every thought for content? You might be surprised what paths your mind wanders down when you’re not watching it. When you find a thought that is not up to your high standards replace it with one that you prefer, one that feels better.

Here are four easy ways to change your thoughts, feelings, and even your beliefs:

  1. Write down an affirmation or several that you would like to think about today and tape it to your computer, your mirror or wherever you will see it during the day and repeat it over and over again. Change these daily so they don’t get routine. For example, “I am in control of my thoughts and I choose happiness in my life. Things in my life just keep getting better and better.” Then keep thinking along this line of thinking to get the new pattern you have chosen for yourself. Click here To get more great thoughts and affirmations
  2. Choose thoughts that feel better. Mentally talk to yourself through a series of thoughts or feelings until you arrive at what feels better. An example of this method is demonstrated on YouTube Abraham-Hicks.

3. Listen to songs with great lyrics that will repeat in your mind and turn your thoughts to happiness. Or listen to audio information that will fill your brain with what you want to think. This is consciously taking in what you choose.

 4.  Direct your attention to things that you love. Notice everything you are grateful for, then you can’t help but think about those subjects throughout the day.

Before you know it you will have used your God given free rights to create the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and ultimately the life you want for yourself.

Simple! Live Life Consciously!


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.  Read her story here.