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How May I Serve?

Angel-Oracle Message 10-25-2020~~

Answering the question, how may I serve, is uppermost for many right now. This is what the Angels had to say about it:

The ultimate way to serve is to be yourself—a pure being of love, light, and creativity. This is the answer that arises first and foremost—this YOU that is ever unfolding.

It unfolds in the life that is out picturing before you—where you find yourself interacting.

You serve life with the energy of loving the world as you see it. You find the energy by being grateful for whatever arises—for it is all love and needing love in return.

Everything is a symphony of life that is playing toward a majestic crescendo. So be of good cheer, listen for the music, smile because of the beauty and creativity of the song of life/love.

How may you serve—any way you want to. You serve by being in embodiment. This is more important than you know. Be grateful for the opportunity. What joy can you emanate where you are right now?

Of course, the next questions are: how do you want to serve, and what is your passion? Continue to purse that question/answer and turn on your passion receptors.

You are on the right track. You are supported. You only make it hard for yourself. And why? You still wait for outside forces to descend upon you. You resist the work and the changes.

It’s a dance. Make your moves—take a step—take a chance. Just dance.

You sit out the dance on the sideline just to prove that you can. Who do you prove it too? Lots of questions aren’t there?

It is an uncomfortable place between the 3rd and 5th dimensions—they are quite different places. It is tricky to be shifting paradigms while in physical form.

You take it slow to make it more real—to adjust to the changes in your biology.

You take it easy because you really don’t want to miss out on any of this shifting experience.

It’s like the skin of the snake peeling off—its fascinating. You want to watch. You want to see each undulation and each wriggle of the body as your soul pushes outward to expand and free itself.

It’s just like the butterfly that gets itself free of the chrysalis. You set yourself free.

You can do it! You ARE doing it. It happens individually—in each cell, and in the body of “God-stuff” that is here. It is rebirthing. Participate or not—consciously or not—it’s happening and your soul is glad.

Don’t overthink it all. Just be, do, have, see and feel. It’s all happening for you and as you.

Isn’t is fun after all?

And so it is,

The Angels and Guides

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  1. Tamera on October 30, 2020 at 8:09 pm

    Love it!


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