Horoscopes, Angel Cards and Numerology Readings

Horoscopes, Angel Cards and Numerology Readings

What are your stars telling you today?

I always check to see, do you? I also like to know what other influences I am working with each day, week, and month, in order to maximize my efforts.

It just seems to make good sense to go with the flow—to see which way the wind is blowing so to speak. As I plot my course for the day, I make the intention to tune into all the energetics of life. I committed to following divine guidance daily some years ago. Ask for it each day and then use all your senses to receive your answers.


I would like to point out that even if it seems that I/we are looking outside for answers or direction for our life’s choices, this is not necessarily so. Science now shows us where all the answers originate. Everything is energy and exists as symbolic vibration, which is the information that is always available to us. It is all connected. We are electro-magnetic beings that pick up tremendous energy.


The energy of the astrological patterns that cycle around and through us daily can be said to be just reoccurring cycles of lessons. These powerful influences are being felt within and without all of life, all the time


As an example: I was totally blown away with what my horoscope said today, “Life just seems to be smiling on you at the moment Libra. Some sort of mystical force has entered your life and is enriching your contact and with other people. It allows you to make a success of anything you undertake. Luck is really on your side, and you’re on cloud nine. Have you made friends with the angels up there yet?”


It still surprises me how many times I do find the daily horoscopes amazingly insightful and this one was dead on.  I want to know is how this daily horoscope program knows that I’m on cloud nine? And how do they know that I talk to Angels? It’s almost like the Universe is everywhere and knows everything…lol


All things do have their source with the “Great Spirit” that is within all things. We do have access to the larger field of Consciousness if we cultivate it. And we can refer to our own knowingness, our divine Holy Spirit that is that still small voice within.


Ultimately, we recognize and admit that we are One with ALL that IS. This is the goal of life and it is where every life experience is pointing us—our own awakening in consciousness as Consciousness itself.

Refer to my book on Amazon, Awakening Consciousness – Finding a Larger Version of Self.


What I am saying is that what is reflected to us from astrology, numerology, tarot, or other symbols do serve us. They are helpful symbolic messages that assist in developing our intuitive skills and get us in tune with the energetic frequencies of the energy around us. This is the way that we learn more about ourselves and get our bearings about who we are.


What do you believe about these tools for insight into yourself? Do you use them to more fully connect with Source/God/the Universe? It’s lots of fun to follow the patterns and promptings of the Universe!


Anyway, as the horoscope suggests, I HAVE made friends with the angels. I talk to them every day. I like to check in and make sure that I take advantage of all heavenly and cosmic energy that comes my way and get all the divine direction I can.


What especially struck me was the reference to being on cloud 9. At the insistence of my Feng Shui teacher to name my home, I called the small white trailer I live in, “Cloud Nine.” And the horoscope said, “you’re on cloud nine.”  LOL That’s too funny don’t you think?


Numerologically speaking, my life purpose number is a 9. And there are even more correlations with the number nine that I could list here, but this is not about me. What it IS about is that the Universe is always trying to message us–to message you and me. Are you listening?

I will tell you, it is a lot of fun and I call it the magic of the Universe. It thrills and delights me because it happens over and over again, seeming unexpectedly. This is referred to as synchronicity.


I always see everything as messages from my higher self, from Source, from the Angels, from life itself. For me everything points toward God. (Like my name Godfree, which means free-in-God, not as some disillusioned people have thought, free-of-God.)


However, if Caroline Myss were here she would probably say that all this mystical stuff that delights me is just as normal as breathing and is nothing “special.” Regardless, I think it is just plain fun and very exciting to pick up on all the subtle energy and symbolism of every pattern and event of life.


I think it is miraculous even though it happens to everyone. And even though it happens more and more often when you pay attention to it. I never get tired of it. Of course, you can choose to see the world and your life any way you want to.


Somewhere in my before waking thoughts this morning, I was thinking about the mystical. The medical intuitive, Caroline Myss says the mystical should and could be normal for everyone.  And then that message came up again within my astrology today, so I felt compelled to take notice AND to bring it into conscious awareness for you as well.

I invite you to be aware of all the synchronicity around you and messages you receive.

The more you look, the more you will find and the more reasons you will have to be delighted with the life you are living.


Again, I urge you to Live Life Consciously!

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Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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