Higher Consciousness: What Is It and Why We Want to Know

Higher Consciousness: What Is It and Why We Want to Know

My understanding of and interest in what Higher Consciousness was, took on a whole new meaning when I had a huge shift into a new expanded state of it.

I wrote about this experience and that journey in my book, “Awakening Consciousness—Finding a Larger Version of Self.” During my awakening experience I was overcome with great love and could “feel” into the whole of Cosmos, knowing that I was connected eternally to all of it.

Talk about a whole new reality! I started writing a blog called the “Consciousness Guide” and went on a quest of discovery about what and why this Consciousness exists.

With the motto of “Live Life Consciously,” I embarked on journey to find out just how we can gain more consciousness in our every-day lives.

What is it?

Higher consciousness is also called Super consciousness, Cosmic consciousness, God consciousness, Christ consciousness, Unity Consciousness, and Higher Mind, these are expressions used to denote an expansion of awareness and understanding beyond that of most human beings. Higher Consciousness is generally thought of as seeing things from a Divine perspective.

Here are some definitions from definitions.net

  1. Someone who has achieved a super-human viewpoint, who has reached a higher level of development and who has come to know reality as it truly higher consciousness(Noun)

(Hegelianism) the notion of historical progress in the evolution of the human mind

  1. higher consciousness(Noun)

(cognitive theory) a supposed mode of cognition beyond human self-awareness

  1. higher consciousness(Noun)

(New Age) a concept of mystical transcendence of human consciousness, especially in Hinduism-inspired New Age philosophy, Yoga and psychedelic drugs subculture

After discovering and studying higher levels of awareness beyond the staggering view of reality that I experienced, it turns out that everything is Consciousness and life is essentially conscious energy. It is now being scientifically proved that everything is energy, and that at some level everything is conscious.

While it is tempting to get stuck in doing a spiritual bypass by just making consciousness a mental exercise about the levels, kinds, symptoms and qualities of it. I must draw our attention to the why of consciousness. The point of human existence is to keep evolving into greater and more expansive consciousness. It is all about God Consciousness expanding and experiencing itself.

How this knowingness happens is through our conscious awareness of each part of our live experience. This part of God awareness is the part that is personal and concerns us deeply.

Ideally, from experiencing a level of higher consciousness you make choices and decisions about forming a new better character and letting go of destructive patterns. Then making free-will choices that are accepting and creating characteristics which are supportive of your new elevated perceptions of yourself and the universe.

Life has a way of insisting that you continue making choices. Hopefully, we choose the paths of service to others, but there is also a path of service to self. Paradoxically, either path results in an awakening of Consciousness. To me the idea is to live life consciously and release judgement.

After experiencing the love and peace that comes in reaching a Higher Consciousness one often feels compelled to embark on a quest to pursue new realities and experience more. The quest shines conscious light onto whether you want to use your old-fashioned, self-serving ways, or whether you mean it when you say you wish to live a life in the love of Christ consciousness.

Life has its ups and downs while choices come up everyday to test which level of consciousness is the one you truly wish to live in. These happenings begin to make clear the contrast and the many levels of conscious there are. These experiences are designed to bring each of us to a higher state of consciousness.

While many people on our planet are having profound changes in their conscious awareness, the earth itself is rising into a Higher Consciousness too. In order to evolve into a new type of human and to arrive in what is termed to be the 4th and 5th dimensions of consciousness there is major shifting going on all around us.

This great shift that is happening for everything in the solar system signals the re-organization of not only the mind and psyche for the benefit of each individual and the collective consciousness—it also signals major planetary changes too.

It may sound ominous but all we really need to do is to remember who we are at a soul level and commit to overcoming the momentous inertia of the self-destructive programming of our modern world. While it isn’t easy, there are multi-dimensional forces that support us at every turn. Follow your intuition and inner guidance. For more help, connect to more of the Consciousness Guide blog posts.

Human consciousness has a critical role to play in our collective destiny and in the seismic shift that is occurring in our world. The tumult is creating a rising class of conscious people better equipped than ever to deal with our chaotic environment. Out of this chaos comes new beginnings and new choices. There is a new science called epigenetics that explains this evolution of man. For more information read books by Bruce Lipton.

Higher consciousness is inevitable and is ever expanding. But life becomes so much easier and more magical as one learns to go with this flow toward Unity Consciousness.  Peace and joy are found in the Oneness that is available at these levels of higher consciousness.

Our evolution in consciousness takes us to the next level—the one with the most loving outcome for all.

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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