Happy or Sad: Communication During the Holidays

Happy or Sad: Communication During the Holidays

Today I am trying to decide whether to publish one of my own teachings on consciousness or go with an Angel Oracle message that was channeled to me. Since I don’t seem to be able to answer that question, I am going with the both/and option. Remember that many things are not either/or exclusive. You can create and choose the both/and option.

Lately I found myself unable to find a way to communicate with someone I love.  I thought that I had no way to reach him and I was feeling sad and low.

I determined to change my energy level and the answer appeared easily. I had another phone number that I had completely forgotten about. It was awesome!

On the next occasion, my dear one is not communicating with me because he said that he is in a “dark place.” It is Christmas, and for many who are in service industries like retail sales, customer service and the transportation industries it is down-right awful.

For those who work outside during this wintry and cold season it is an extremely busy and stressful time too. Not to mention the financial and family stress.

There are many people who have memories and energetic wounds of loss during the holiday season—this can be an extremely difficult time of year for many. Hold them all in the compassion and love that is the spirit and true meaning of Christmas.

First, I would like to encourage you all, not to cut off communication with those who love you when you are feeling down or when they try to shut down. We all want to be up in our energy and moods and want to only communicate with light and love—but realistically this is just not possible. Life has a rhythm and cycles.

Realize that it is okay to just be real and authentic about who you are and what you are feeling. In fact, it is essential in order to hold your light. If it is not, then perhaps you need to end that relationship and make room in your life for one that is more in alignment with your life mission. Just sayin’…

The answer that came to me to solve my communication problem was that I could still hold up my end of the energetic connection by sending holiday jokes to his email inbox. I realized that in order to lift his energy level I could use humor to get a laugh even in his dark mood. I also lit a candle for him on my altar to hold space for him.

I believe that these personal experiences precipitated the download that I received from the Angels. Make sure you subscribe to The Consciousness Guide to be sure you receive the next post!

Wishing you all a very Joyous Holiday Season!

May it be full of Love and Light!

Many Blessings,


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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