Grounding Yourself for Awakening

Grounding Yourself for Awakening

Many of us on the front lines of the evolutionary expansion called ascension or awakening, are being grounded much deeper into our physical bodies.

As our authentic Self becomes awakened it stirs up deeper layers of energetic information patterns from the past.

This process is challenging and exhausting, and it turns out that there are more layers to it than we thought. Right now, you may feel more frustrated and agitated than usual. That is what I notice the most.

I have checked the energy updates from those who report from cosmic sources, to understand why it feels so difficult right now.

The theme is that we are facing great opportunities to release what does not serve us–even more than usual.

Many planets are in retrograde which means we are being asked to take our time, dig deep, and get to the energy that has been stored way down deep.

Nobody is immune to stepping up higher. Denser energies have to spin faster as our cells are speeding up energetically, as is the earths Schumann Resonance increasing it’s frequency.

I think that Matt Kahn said it best in his recent newsletter, “…so many of you on the front lines of Ascension are being grounded even deeper into your physical bodies and the process for many is grueling and rigorous. 

In order to manifest your desires into form, you must be completely grounded in your body to receive all the magnificent gifts you were created to receive.

Often times, just before profound levels of energetic harvest, it is common to experience the agonizing frustration of feeling like you are moving through pools of molasses or like an exhausting uphill battle.

If this has been your experience over the past few days or weeks, not to worry. It is merely the Universe purposefully slowing you down to help you ground into the Earth, where your energy can anchor into place and expand around you.

Whether it feels like synchronicities have accelerated in your life, or are seeming astonishingly absent, this is an ideal time to focus attention on the process of grounding.”

I am grateful for the company of friends, conscious groups, and energy workers to take this journey with me and who are going through this process too.

Please join with us for mutual support in the Consciously Awakening Facebook Group.

Grounding the energies is key and there are many ways to do it. Just make it a practice in your life to do it!

Do deep breathing if you do nothing else. The energy will find a way to ground and many ways are not pleasant. That is how accidents happen…just say’in.

I would like to draw your attention to a core teaching from Dr. Sue Morter, as outlined in her new Energy Codes book, called Central Channel Breathing.

I am sure many of you are practiced at belly breathing for grounding and it has never been more important to practice this as much as possible

YouTube Video..What is Central Channel Breathing

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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