Gratitude: Wholeness Blessing

Great gratitude and appreciation is a vibrational frequency that is akin to the love vibrations. These energies are deeply felt sensations are not just concepts of the mind. Gratitude is rising at this time in the consciousness of humanity.

You will notice that no story is a “good one” without the “love interest” and the depth of feelings that goes into it.

This is not just true of romantic love but includes love of all kinds. Love appears in many forms–allow yourself to see and feel it.

While there is much love that is associated with the angelic realms. there is misconception about the love of God/Source/Universe. The human mind cannot totally conceive of the kind of unconditional love that is the glue that holds all of creation. It surrounds you.

The human form is upgrading its DNA, your light bodies vibrate with a new version of the love that is available. While men have been completely immersed in the challenges of survival in a world that has much hostility, now there is opportunity for more.

You humans are always interested in more. “More” has the reputation for being better. In this case, more is in reference to more understanding, more cooperation, more heart connection, more health and wellness—so much more that has yet to be revealed to you.

Polarity and Law of Attraction

With increased love there is attachment, and with that is the opposite, the polarity of repulsion and fear of loss. This is not real unless you make it so. This is a part of the matrix you live in at present but has no meaning when looking at a higher truth.

We give you an understanding this day that the fear of loss is unfounded because the polarity of opposites that you feel in the physical is part of a whole. There is a wholeness at work.

When there is a negative and a positive polarity they are just opposite ends of the same stick. They are forever connected in a magnetic relationship. There is no loss—one is a part of the other.

Now you may choose to believe that you only can have one or the other. This is only a choice to believe what you want to believe–because we now enter a quantum space where “both/and” is the functional law of the Universe. Seeming opposites can both be true.

This is very foreign to you we know. But you can begin to get the picture through science that has proved, energy appears both as a particle and a wave—as both physical and non-physical. Time will also be shown to be a moving target in the eternal NOW.

How Much Love Can You Hold?

There is so much love wanting to expand in you. You may feel that the extreme passions of love will cause your heart to explode in fire. Can you, will you, bring it and hold it?

This is life changing but not life threatening. There is a fire burning within you, a spark of God presence that you hold, that is expanding. There is a Kundalini energy rising.

It will not destroy you or obliterate you in any real sense. There are many feelings that surface and demand your attention as this energy rises. Just feel them and let them go.

Many intense feelings are rising, calling to be released and transmuted into the power to elevate you. They are the power core that can lift you to the next level of vibration, of wisdom, of love.

You cannot hold back the tide of your evolution in higher consciousness forever.

It may feel like a breaking apart or feel as if it is taking you asunder. It is only energy. It will pour through if you do not attach to it.

Take steps to make this transition as easy and pleasant as possible. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cleaning up your diet and staying away from denser food while eating fruits and vegetables alive with energy.
  • Meditating in a way that stills the mind while allowing the vibrational upgrades to take place within you. There are many forms and practices that can be called meditation.
  • Breathing deeply to still the confusion within you and connect the Source energy that runs through you into the Earth and up through the crown of your head.
  • Generating happiness within you by moving your body in dance, celebration, yoga, Qui Gong, any mindful activity that lifts and moves your body and your energy helps.
  • Light a candle, use herbal oils that bring in scents that are elevating to you and boost you mood and spirits.
  • Unhook from the television and all negative programing that keeps fear alive within you.
  • Practice gratitude at sometime during your day. This allows you to give praise for what is in your life to love and be loved.
  • Give and receive: Hugs, smiles, appreciation, kind words, caring concern, compassion, the list goes on.

This day we are gifting you a special dose of assurance that all is well. We assure you that all is in order in the process of your ascension—that awakening, that is what you came here to do and to be.

Prepare yourself to receive. Take a deep breath and release. Take another deep breath and release.

Quiet—peace—serenity is here

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Angelic Transmission of Wholeness

You are whole and complete in the mind and heart of God/Source. Nothing is missing and nothing is wrong.

Feel into and merge with this wholeness. Allow the cares, concerns, tension, to melt from you like candle wax before a flame. It is melting away. All cares are flowing from you. Deliver them to the Earth Mother.

Let the things that weigh you down float like vapors rising, like steam, from your aura. You have no need of them. They are lifted now in the presence of the light of the Angels and Archangels who have gathered here to serve you, and all humanity right here and right now.

You are washed clean from the cares of the world. Feel soft summer rain pour down upon you in a washing of soothing peace. It is washing over you.

Relax, it is the healing of all. You can come to this waterfall of light and blessing anytime you feel overburdened. We are here to bless you and hold you—to comfort you and wrap you in a cocoon of floating calm and peace. You are floating in this calm.

Peace Be Still

And so it is,

The Angels



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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