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Grace Heals Pain

Receiving grace is the answer to the unspoken prayer of all life. Grace is the manifest blessing of God/Source/Universe that is the healing mercy of the love/light of the Universal Consciousness.

Grace be unto you this day!

I AM Grace and I am here at your call.

I AM here before you call.

I AM the bounteous goodness that flows from the fountains of abundance that is yours always.

You think that grace is a gift that is undeserved but I tell you that your being is greatness and the grace of you is part of you already.

Grace is the unstoppable flow.

Grace is the bounteous blessings.

Grace is the plan of returning to Source that you are.

Grace is the in-breath and the out-breath of being.

I come dressed in robes of pastel pink and blue flowing as the clouds of billowing softness. Float in the satin and softness of grace. Be comforted in the grace that enfolds you with love and compassion.

Be healed of all past wounds. Forget the pains and suffering—they are only a dream of unrest in the duality matrix. As a duality construct they are only an experience that is meant to dissolve as a cloud after the rain.

I AM Grace—the love of God and the sister of Hope and I AM come today to give you peace. Peace and calm accompanied with the knowing of the reality of your eternal Soul that is who you truly are.

Peace child. You are safe. You are held in the eternal embrace.

And so it is.

The Angels of Grace 

The Message was inspired by reading this excerpt from Richard Rudd’s Book, The Seven Sacred Seals.  With this introduction, I was easily able to tap into the frequency of Grace and receive this Angel-Oracle Message and the blessings of healing grace for us all transcribed 11-21-21 

“Grace is your true nature. It is your inheritance. It is the soul of the world. It is also a state that is beyond the laws of our world. If Grace touches you, you no longer create karma. If Grace touches you, you no longer have your own destiny but become a musical instrument tuned and played by the gods. With Grace, all human emotion is instantly transformed into love. It is not a state with which most human beings are very familiar.
As a species however, we are moving into a new epoch that will be marked by Grace. As each of the seven seals is opened, the world we have become used to will begin to drop away. In its place we will rise, shining and resplendent as the summer sun, the new heaven and new earth that Saint John talked about in his great revelation. As a feminine spirit, Grace calls upon each of us to listen and receive her message and blessings.
Above all, remember this: The Universe has but a single wish, for you to remember that you are loved, and there is nothing in you but love.”

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  1. Lorrie on November 23, 2021 at 7:32 am

    Wow! That is so powerful! We must remember who we are so we can reclaim our inheritance.


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