Gateway to Light Speed

The opportunity of the 11-11 gateway portal is here for you. It cannot be denied that this is a momentous time and combination of energies on the planet.

It is an energetic down pour of purpose that is pushing you forward, while at the same time closing the doors to past ways of being and doing.

It is a tumultuous time and a turning point. Will you walk through the gateway? Will you choose to up level your vibrational frequency to match the new way of being? This the need and call of the hour. So, of course you will!

For what good is it to hang onto things that are not in your best interest? The tide has turned in the ocean of the cosmos and who are you to stand against it? This would be most unwise, would it not?

We say this with tenderness and with the utmost honor for your life stream. We salute you and your willingness to be on the planet with the intention to make a difference.

You place your vote for the shift of the ages and the rising of consciousness on the planet and it does make a difference.

Vote for Love

Always the choices are before you to go higher. What this means is of course, is different for each individual because each has a unique path. This is where it sometimes feels difficult because one has to reach inside to take stock of where you are—where you stand.

You awaken to make with an honest assessment and take responsibility for the choices that brought you here—to this point. The call is to wake up to this.

Look around and find the love where you stand. Get your footing.

Next step—choose with love. This would be the “higher” path—the path of love. Take back your power, where you have given away your choices. Take a higher road than ever before.

Responsibility for the place you are standing is the point of power.

When you are honest about where you are, you can set your cosmic coordinates to move in the direction that you really want to go and the destiny you want to live.

Just like earth GPS coordinates, set where are you now and where do you want to go. Then you get options to choose which path to take.

Will it be one through the trees, or will you choose the freeway and the shortest route?  Scenic route or the fastest one, it is your choice.

There is no judgement about the choices concerning the kind of journey you wish to take.

However, make no mistake that this is the gate and the crossroads.

Your Free Will

We of the Angelic Light do not make these choices for you. You are always in free will and you can choose to stay stuck for a very long time. As a species you try hard to maintain the status quo as long as is humanly possible.

It simply is not possible to be a “stick in the mud” right now. (HA HA “stick in the mud,” isn’t that humorous talk for angels?)

Anchor in the earth energy, breath into your wisdom center, light the love light in your heart. Then make the jump.

Does this not bring in a visual of the jump to “light speed” that you have seen on the popular Star Trek? When you have proper coordinates set, you too can make the “jump to light speed.”

There is even technology within you to take you to multidimensional realms and use your supernatural gifts as “hyper drive.”

Just make the jump. You can do this.

Get Archangel Michaels 11-11 Meditation HERE

Archangel Michael’s Support

We are here to support you and to catch you in the net of loving presence—on the other side of the known. Going into the unknown is very uncomfortable. Just choose to call it a fun adventure.

Trust that we will catch you, for the unseen angels are always are here for you.

“I AM Archangel Michael and I stand with you in this hour, on this day and in any present moment that you ask for my help.

I support and protect your life purpose. I am at the gate of the portal to show you the way—to shine the light—to make it easier with courage and strength of purpose. This is who I AM.

I surround you now in the blue light, I cut you loose with the sword of truth, and I am ever vigilant. Make this jump to light speed that has been visualized for you. You are more powerful than you know.

Take that next step of powerful choice to make your life the best that it can be in love, truth, purpose and fulfillment.

I AM with you always. Take heart and jump into that great unknown of your future greatness.”

And so it is,

Archangel Michael


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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