Gateway Portal of Light

The density of planet Earth and its people is not enough to keep out the angelic frequencies that we hold—especially in this time of awakening. We are here for you always.

We bring you this message during on the opening of the 8-8 Gateway Portal, also called the Lions Gate.

The planet herself is rising, ascending in her glory and taking all upon her with her, as their free agency will allow. This process is for the evolution of all in physical form and in all dimensions. Never fear this increase of the light body of Earth and of yourselves.

Your soul—your True Self is part of this process and it was ordained from the beginning.

This transition and transformation is worth the journey and you will soon forget this birth process of your new way of being.

The integration of the light energies may be perceived as quite uncomfortable to some and those who wish to depart to other dimension will make their transition.

This is in keeping with the plans and Laws of the Universe and is nothing to worry about. Know that nothing that is true and real every dies and is eternal.

Be at peace with the natural cycles of life.

Feeling of Something Wrong

Any anxiety that you feel is just the shifting of the energies that you are acclimating to. You will adjust. Be compassionate and loving to yourself always and take care of the physical body during this process.

You may think that what is happening in your views of reality is not right.

But know that there is not “too much” in the All-That-Is nor is there “too little”—for all is complete in the Oneness of the whole.

There is a constant balancing of forces throughout the manifest worlds.

You will become increasingly conscious of this process and you will learn to keep your balance.

You will learn to regulate your energy blow. And you will also learn to create with the power that you hold to bring about the lifestyle that is beneficial to all upon this planet.

Keep breathing and doing whatever is yours to do in the NOW moment that you are living.

Angels Are with You

Angels, as the energies and attributes of Divine Creation, are always with you and a part of the whole YOU. You are not separate as you have been believing you are. You are not alone.

Are you ready to make this jump to being held in the arms of love yet?

It does take a surrender of the feelings/energy of unworthiness. It is necessary to release the past implants of “not-enough” programing within your mind. It is an adjustment in your way of being.

You must be willing to change your identity. Expand the definition of who you are to the larger version of Self.

As one might say, “Think outside the box.” We say, “Live outside the box that has felt like a safe space but is only limiting beliefs that you have not outgrown. You are bigger than you have ever imagined.”

Expansion of Archangels and Goddess of Mercy

We are here! We would speak to you of your greatness. We love you and hold you up when you think you will faint from the glories of your God Source/your own light.

You are the light of the world that is within all and is part of the grand design of the world without end. Take your place in the glory and in the victory of ALL.

I AM Chamuel of the love and the purpose of being. I am the personification of all that is the love of God and of the Universal Mind. If you will but integrate this energy within you, to the degree that you can unite with me—you will be changed forever more.

Nothing will hurt you for all is seen through the eyes of love. You will not be blinded by the light but will see truly with clarity and mercy as well.

Kwan Yin, goddess of mercy stands with me in this energy transmission. Her grace is present to wipe away any feelings of unworthiness, reluctance, or resistance to receiving this great LOVE.

And as the Holy Spirit descends and it is hard to see the page to write you know that you are being transformed.

Be the transformation of Love and Light.

We are ever yours,

The Angels


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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