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Gabriel Announces the Divine Feminine Birthing New Earth

Angel-Oracle Message 03-25-21~~ The line is drawn connecting the dots, and the day dawns with new energies and new horizons. It is the rebirth of the Divine Feminine as she makes conjunction with the Divine Masculine in the body of earth.

It is the balance of forces of Yin/Yang as the wholeness of the One that is presenting in the birth canal.

It is through the portal opening at the spring equinox that this feminine energy comes to unite and bloom again.

The trinity action of the Holy Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and the Archangels Faith and Hope standing as one bright star focus these energies for earth, as midwives of the Divine.

Gabriel announces this advent of the vortex that is the birthing energies of a new world.

“Hail O humankind! I AM come again to herald the good news of the birthing of the Divine within you. Come into alignment with the frequencies that change you.

When you breathe in this light—this energy upgrade—your behaviors change. This is not an act of will but of releasing into the flow of what is manifesting—for it is time.

Sit in the stillness and await the birthing as the energies of the resurrection of the Earth, of Easter time and the Christ Consciousness, as this energy surrounds you and fills you up. Sit in reverence, as if there is a holy womb of water within and around you.

You are an egg of potential–of infinite possibility that is making a transition from one dimension to the next in the physical.

While this is a mystical experience, a mystery of divine proportion that you do not fully comprehend at this time, your understanding of it is not needed. In fact, it is more beneficial if you are willing to walk into the unknown. Walk into what is new with faith, trust, and hope.

This is not to say that you are ignorant, for your multi-dimensional being knows full well the implications and the immensity of the feat that is being performed.

Your attitude should be one of awe, wonder and gratitude for the miracle of this birthing. You might even move your body in sacred geometries to kneel and bow to the holiness of this historic time.

This is an opportunity for devotion and even one of sacred benediction to the path that brought you here. This is a prayerful time. Endings and new beginnings—for a powerful time of ascending consciousness.

The fullness of this portal, pivot, and shift before you will not be fully understood or realized for many years. The new beginning must mature into the full potential of beingness.

Hold the space for this. Hold the space for the most holy events in the NOW and as humanity moves forward in linear time all will be fulfilled.

I AM Gabriel Archangel, messenger of God; I am present here so that you will not fear. Know that the glory of God/Source surrounds you. Hail to the fullness of times! Bow your head in honor to the feminine energy that is holding and delivering the template of New Earth.

This is a beautiful Easter message of resurrection. It is the continuation of the saga of the Christ child and the Christic energies birthing and rebirthing as all that is divine within and without.

As always, it is your freewill choice to accept this as your truth, or not.

And so it is,

The Archangels

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