Free Fall Without Fear

Free Fall Without Fear

An Angel-Oracle Message – Lindsay Godfree 2-1-19


I AM come for the completion of cycles.

I AM come in light, trailing glory from higher realms.

The anchoring of this light in earth is the prime directive at this stage of earth’s ascension.

We exist as the personification of love—the coalescence of particles of passion—infused with the very essence of the attributes of all that is goodness and mercy. The grace of that love in action. It is our joy to bring this to all beings of earth.

The resistance to the blessings awaiting you has been dissolved with the greater vibration of light energy from cosmic sources. The time for great change is NOW. In the now moment is found all that is and ever will be…

Find it there within and without you, until all you see is that love that you are—everywhere. Love is all there is.

What a JOY to be that being—that presence—that glory in embodiment. The compacting of the vibration of this spark, this resonance, this vibration into the very density of identity is the grand experiment.

The journey into the 3rd dimension was almost overpowering. You have been frozen in the fog of forgetfulness, but no more!

The great awakening to the identity of Source as Oneness is upon us. The re-polarization of the earth energy shifts with you and as you. The very vibration of the cells and atoms of that action is the undoing of many life patterns from many lifetimes.

Many of you find yourselves in a new version of your life.  A new life, that can be termed another “timeline” as illusion collapses in on itself. It folds into the beauty of what is new—what is next. Like origami paper becoming a bird.

The urge to panic is great. The protective-self wishes to control the process—but it is beyond the mind—beyond your current genetics and so you must evolve and stretch.

Be more than you thought you could be. Be more flexible and pliable with your understanding until you can free-fall without fear.

Fear does not serve. It is not needed. You are held in reverence and grace for all time without limitations. Be in weightless surrender to the flow of light. Breathe it in.

Be conscious of the new energy waking up every cell for the full experience of levitating matter. Experience the joy of being within and without the body all at once. For this is reality.

Free-fall. Relax into the experience. You will not “splat” on the earth in this way. You are free as the bird floating on the updraft. Integrate that feeling of support—the invisible force that holds you up.

It is exhilarating. Feel the exhilaration that exists beyond the boundaries of time and space.

No fear—only trust—relax into God.

This is ALL THAT IS.

And all that is—is YOU!



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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