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Feminine Masculine Balance

The balance of the masculine and the feminine aspects of the self are the burning desire of the Soulful Self. This coming into wholeness is a longing that has been deep within you.

Now it comes to the surface to be seen and felt as a blossom of what is to come. The driving force of humanity is now about this balance of polarity.

During the ages of darkness there has been a very primitive version of the aspects of male and female energies. There is an upgrade to your DNA that is being accomplished with an outpouring of divine light. This is a healing of wholeness and unity consciousness.

As more love is felt and manifest in the world the feminine will rise, and the masculine will be exalted too. This upgrade will change the fabric of civilization and the hearts of the nations. You will see a very different world in coming years.

This is a world that you are creating as your true desires are turned to heartfelt ways of treating yourself and each other. The ways of violence and corruption are having their last days.

Above all be kind to yourself as you go through this process. (Self-love and Compassion)

Rising Love

As each person has their own epiphany of what they truly desire, you are awakening from the deep programing of fear—you begin to live life differently.

There is a revolution that happens one person at a time and one conscious act at a time, reflecting a new consciousness.

More people recognize the insanity of operating at the level of paranoia that has had its grip through the rampages of fear.

There is a wave of community cooperation that will replace the competition of each man for himself. The idea that one must conquer others to be safe is so archaic that it cannot stand.

Humanity must evolve to mutual respect and cooperation for the survival of all.

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There will be balance and harmony. You need not doubt the validity of the coming of a new age on Earth. You will begin to notice the evidence of the change. Many conscious individuals are now devoted to being that change that you wish to see.

Children born into a world of caring concern and cooperation will operate with totally different values than the previous generations. It will not be long before the souls who are being born are of age to live a very different life.

In the now moment you must choose love over fear. You will become conscious of each choice point and choose to be kind rather than defensive.

Be easy about this—there is no need to push or force these changes for they are already happening.

Love Rules The Day – Message from Archangel Chamuel

I AM Chamuel, the Archangel of Love.

The days of fear mongering are over. I declare this and you can expect new love and new life to appear.

The new days dawning arrive in more love and more heart resonance with an out pouring of light energy now. Focus on all that you love.

See only appreciation and gratitude. See the beauty of life that is unfolding.

There are many kinds of love and many manifestations of love as abundance that will fill up your cup of reality. This will be your joy and your pleasure.

Take your attention off all that is not love and you will cease to experience it. It is by your attention that fear is able to exist at all.

It is in the trinity of Faith, Hope, and Charity that we move forward.

Decide what this means to you and put your shoulder to the wheel of creation.

Take all the time and space that you need to integrate this great change. Then inspired action will naturally follow.

It is through love that all things are made new.

And so it is.

The Angels

Research Notes: Faith, Hope, and Charity are light beings known collectively as Archeia. They are considered to be Archangels in their own right, as “twin flames” (divine feminine aspects) to the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Chamuel respectively. They are mentioned in scripture as a powerful trinity.


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