Feel the Joy of Dreams Come True and Let Time Dissolve

Feel the Joy of Dreams Come True and Let Time Dissolve

06-20-19 Angel- Oracle Message

The sands of time move through the hourglass—or so it seems, and you are always looking for more. Never believing there is enough. And yet, even with the understanding of the eternal nature of your beingness—you still slip into the dream of time as a finite thing.

What if there was time enough for everything? Does this just seem boring? Do you want to just laze around? Try it on and see. Give yourself the gift of a spaciousness in your life and see how expansive it is and how it expands and contracts. Sit and be in the now.

The 3rd dimensional construct of time then collapses in on itself. All the linearity is gone without the timeline. You are free floating. How does it feel? Like freedom? Or is it scary?

It is difficult to imagine. Yet it is easy to find this state in meditation and move into it.

Creation in the now is about the attraction of energy into compact forms. It is a matter of letting it flow to you as you stand in eternity.

Hold out your hands and receive—all you wish for is coming into matter. It is always flowing toward you. Feel into the reception and energetic acceptance of it.

 ( Physically stand and hold open your arms. Feel the energy flow into you. You must engage and embody what you are creating.)

That thrill that you feel as you tune into this vision IS the energetic current of the coming together of desire and form. It is electric in its energy and magnetic in its propensity, for like attracts like. This is a Universal Law.

Trust that all you need is moving toward you and comes at a very fast rate now. As you hold the balance for the attraction of things, they will be added to you. Rest in assurance—but also thrill in the expectation of all the things that you love.

You needn’t have exclusion of anything. For quantum means ALL is available, there are infinite possibilities, and all things are individuated in timelines of simultaneous joy in the multiverse.

Just feel the joy and forget all else. This is bliss and is the current that flows underneath the pollution if the discord that is the belief in lack. There is NO lack! Feel into this truth.

It begs one to break out in the giggles that are bubbling up within you.

Surrender to the fullness of the truth of your being.

And so it is…

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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