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Fear and the Ascension

Angel-Oracle Message 3-11-2020~~

You have heard, “Feel your fear and do it anyway.” You must feel the fears of life and choose to have a magical, joyful and fulfilling life anyway.

You have also heard the quote, “You have nothing to fear but fear itself.” (Franklin D. Roosevelt: FDR’s First Inaugural Address)

The matrix of fear cannot exist without your focus on it. Turn away from those things that are fearful. They are not real unless you give them power over you.

Yes, fears do come up to try to get your attention and steal your joy in life, and you must feel your way through them to release the energy that is stuck there.

Fear comes up for release, not for you to stay and revolve in. As you say, it’s okay to feel the heaviness, you just don’t want to move in and live there.

You ARE strong enough to pull away from the gravitational pull of fear. Use the rocket fuel of love, faith, gratitude and mercy. Give your focus, attention, and power to these preferred feelings within you. You can and will find them.

Go within

Just be still and find the feeling of power—the eternal Higher Self which you are. Be still and breathe.

We are here to help and assist with powerful vortexes of light that have been gathering for eons—for we and you are infinite and eternal beings of light and energy.

Be joyful in the knowing of the presence of the Angels and of the geometric angles in the multifaceted layers of truth that are available to you.

The more desperate the fear-mongers get in trying to push down the truth, the more rising consciousness happens.

This is the ascension process of earth.

The more compression energy they put in trying to push down the rising light of the truth of your being, the more pressure it puts in the coil—the spring to freedom. Spring forward in a spiral of light.

In this spring forward into a new reality, you will see that those things that have come to scare you are ghosts with no substance. The powerful expansion of the light manifesting in the great awakening on the earth is unstoppable and victorious.

You may see it as magical and miraculous as the shift to the new age manifests—and it is—but it is also logical and in alignment with Universal Laws of energy. In the push-pull of duality, the darkness deepens, and the lighter energies within and without you rise.

You choose where you want to be with your alignment and where you want to resonate, that is all that is happening. It’s just a choice.

You’ve been hypnotized to believe that you are powerless, and you do not matter or make a difference. Nothing is further from the truth.

You have played the victim/victimizer game and now you are tired of it. You are SICK and tired of it! Refuse to play into the fear of victimhood.


If you are asking us how–look and you will find all the answers you seek.

  • Ask, and the answers appear all around you. Pray for clarity, strength and for steadfastness in the light of devotion within you. It is with your choice that you declare victory which is your destiny.
  • You can make the shift and laugh at the darkness (fear). Look up in your Google the Buddhist Laughing Meditation. You may choose to practice that.
  • Watch Harry Potters class in wizarding school as they practice the transformation that is produced with focus and speaking out against their greatest fear, Say “Ridic-ulous.” (see the video below)

Take your power back—even though it truly never left.

All is not changed on your earth overnight but with each choice, with each daily practice that you up-level you support your true self and the world is changed.

We stand with you today and every day as a wall of light. We stand as a frequency of sound that brought down the very walls of Jericho in the Biblical story.**

See us and feel us. Hear the words and blessings of the Angels and Archangels, and all cosmic beings of light who are aligned with the divinity within you. You are safely held in love.

There is a clear line of forming (Love or fear) and you cannot deny the contrast.  Send only love and light into the darkness to illuminate all.

Be the light as we are.

And so it is.

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**(Joshua 6:1) God told Joshua to have the people to march silently around Jericho for six days, and then, after seven circuits on the seventh day, to shout. When the people did finally shout, the massive walls collapsed, and Israel won an easy victory.

Excavations have revealed that Jericho is one of the earliest settlements dating back to 9000 BCE. It also has the oldest known protective wall in the world.


  1. Mary jansen on March 15, 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Love this..needed this now. Thank you

    • Lindsay Godfree on March 19, 2020 at 1:24 pm

      Thank you for your comment! It is so good to know that this message was received!!

  2. VENUS on March 19, 2020 at 10:44 am

    Thank you

  3. Lorrie on March 21, 2020 at 2:32 pm

    Great message. As I was contemplating the the loss of retirement money in the stock market and fear of what will I do, I was able to let go of the fear with the song side by side. I felt I had the angels beside me and no need to fear but be present in love.

    • Lindsay Godfree on March 28, 2020 at 3:47 pm

      Thank you for sharing what worked for you. Whatever we can do to release the fear will get us to the future that is the best possible outcome. Much love!!


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