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Evolution of the Heart

When life is disrupted and you cannot settle your energy, it may be because you have a message that wants to come through from spirit and you are not listening. Perhaps you have been too busy with the demands of life to tune into the channel of energetic messages.

While there are messages that are streaming in from cosmic sources all the time, you may feel them but feel unable to decipher the meaning. You must take steps to ground and center to listen and to let them in.

The energies of the world are swirling like the wind in many different directions. What is on the wind for you right now?

Power of Light

What we of the angelic realms would have you know today is that you are first and foremost a powerful light being!

There is coming up into the collective consciousness, all the galactic history that has gone into the creating of the human species that is now at a critical turning point. You are in a DNA upgrade. This may feel strange and unsettling to you.

This cellular upleveling of information is rather overwhelming to the mind and the egoic personality. It is time to step into the power that is within you.

You need not pay attention to all the history of your becoming; it is interesting and fantastical to look at, but it is not relevant to what you are now doing or where you are desiring to go and to be.

For now, drop it like an old bone that the dog is done with. Do not chew on the past. What happened in the past is a distraction to what is needing your attention now.

What is up for the human race to explore and understand is the new technology of the heart. You are hearing this and it is burning within you for expression. What is this language of the heart?

Evolution of the Heart

The heart is taking over in this next stage of evolution for humanity. You have been aware for some time that the biology of the human being is changing. It is shifting to bring love and cooperation to the forefront of human experience.

In fact, two thousand years ago time started over with the marker of A.D. This time stamp is marking the death of the Christ who spoke of love above everything else. Now we mark the year 2022.

Mankind is in a new awareness that he will not survive into the future as the highest vision of earth’s evolution without leading with the heart. This means leading with love, adjusting one’s thinking with kindness and heart centered understanding.

The heart does have an electrical system of nerves and cells of extreme energetic powers. These have been dormant, suppressed and manipulated by many factors but not anymore.

The heart must me heard. It will break out of the shell of mankind’s hardness of heart. If not, there will be a massive rise in heart attaches and all manner of craziness that will not be understood.

There is an expansion of benevolent energies that must be expressed through you.

Let us see if we can express this in a way that is understandable to the mind and give you something to hold onto.

Time of Recalibration

There is a passion of the Christ Consciousness that swells now. It will fill your heart cavity and the higher heart of your Divine nature.

You will use this energy to move forward in life with determination to have a new way of being on earth as things change.

Life as you know it is breaking down and you can feel it. You also feel the unknown slowly moving in like a dense fog on the road. You must slow down and yet you wish to step on the gas to escape the fog.

Take a break when temped to drive blindly. Things will clear.

You want us to explain to you what to do next. You want to continue to abdicate your power in so many ways. You hang onto distractions and addictions galore. But the changes will come regardless, and you will make the transition.

The unrest that you feel can be worked out of your system with body movement and breathwork. Still the mind and your primitive fear responses and let the heart lead.

Keep being curious and researching what all this means to you and how to apply it to your life. You are most resilient and will figure it out.

Archangel Raphael Blessing

Your specific Archangel blessing this day is from dear Archangel Raphael.

I AM Rafael the healing angel, the Archangel of all that would heal your heart, mind, and the physical expression that you are.

I bring a brilliant emerald light today to sweep the cells of your body with all manner of healing wholeness that is your divine gift. You will forget the pains and the aches of the things that you have held for so long.

Rest in the arms of healing and of the Mother Divine energy that comes to assist in this healing of all that weighs you down at this time. Rest in the stillness of knowing that all is well.

I AM the wholeness. I AM the newness of spring within you, flooding your forcefield with new light. See that light enfold and hold you now. Rest in this energy for as long as you can.

Fully receive this transmission and blessing now.

Be in the stillness of forever’s love.

And so it is,

The Angels

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  1. Lorrie on December 8, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    Wow! What a beautiful healing blessing!


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