Everything is NOW in the Timelessness of Infinite Grace

You cannot know fully of the next level of consciousness until you arrive there.

Only through feeling into it—only as others point to it, do you even know of its existence.

The soul knows the way. Life loves you. Your path is set to this awakening, so you can relax and allow it to occur in and through you.

The stretching and straining to reach it is not helpful when it feels like anxiety. Be easy about it. Just relax and enjoy the unfoldment, for once it occurs there is no going back.

Each stage is important—each step is part of the journey. It is laid out in a time sequence to accentuate the points, the parts to the whole.

This was the reason for the duality experience. To separate the parts and pieces for greater experience and knowingness of the whole of Consciousness knowing itself.

Of course, this would be scary to the mind—this not knowing or understanding what it cannot perceive. The mind thinks it needs to understand, in order to keep you safe, but you are SAFE.

You are held closely, dearly, to the breast of Divine Love. You have not gone far, nor have you in fact, really GONE anywhere at all.

You are right here—right NOW, as are WE. See, feel, know, we are right here.  Be happy for this experience and remember all is in your favor.

Trust the road to appear under your feet—because it does. Although it is foggy to you now—the light will soon illuminate your new surroundings.

The BIG question still remains for you to discover, how much love can you allow in? How much goodness will you allow yourself to receive?

Allow and receive. It is all present in the NOW moment. There is not other than this, for ‘All is One’ in the timelessness of infinite grace.

We meet you there—here, everywhere. As you also meet others as yourself along the way.

It is a grand story.

Enjoy it! Expand it!

Just BE IT

And so it is–


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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