Enter the 11:11 Portal for Conscious Oneness

Enter the 11:11 Portal for Conscious Oneness

Channeled Angel Message – Dictated 11/8/18 for the New Moon – 11:11 11 Portal

Change is eminent. Earth changes, political change, change in every area of life. The old energy falls away like crumbling sandstone. The foundations of one’s life falls away and what remains?

The core of all life is what is revealed, it is the God within. This truth has been covered with muck like the Golden Buddha that was hidden from invaders by a covering of plaster.

The “weather” of life’s challenges has come to wash away all that is not needed anymore. The true worth and value of the soul—the fractal of God is the jewel that remains—that always remains. It is eternal.

Do you understand eternal? Not really—but you can feel into it.


Breathe and fill up your lungs.

Center into your heart space with your breath. Shine the light of love and Consciousness there and feel it expand within you.

Now feel it move out, through the confines of the body into the spaces between the 3-D molecules of the material world.

Don’t hold your breath. Breathe fully into that space as it flows into the OM of Earth’s vibration.

Connect with the energy of the belly. The lower chakras there provide an anchor.

Feel that anchor hold you in place, in the physical, as your radiance expands.

As it expands and the light energy pouring into you becomes a great pillar crackling with energy. The upper chakras buzz with that increase of energy.

Feel your crown chakra spinning and your whole cranial cavity fills until the ears vibrate with it.

You are a torch—a beacon—a lighthouse!

Breathe, breathe deeply and take it in and through the cells of your body.

All distraction just flows through you and cannot distract or disrupt this forcefield.

The infinite is here. The eternal is here. You are the bridge between dimensions. You are spirit incarnate—the light of the world.

Feel it in the center of your hands and the chakras there. Now feel the burning of those in the feet.

Walk the earth as an emissary of that light—that eternal flame.

Link hands with your angelic entourage and go forth into your day.

Hold—breathe—hold this in your consciousness as an exercise.

How long will you consciously hold it? Check in with the core of your being and all the energy centers, all day. Make this a daily practice.

Take your supporting beings of light with you.

(Invocation) Archangel Michael, hold this energy in place within me! Surround me in your blue light with sparkling diamonds that cut through all dissonance and confusion—all darkness and stagnation.

Walk through the 11:11 portal of the new day as a symbol of the new cycles—new beginnings.

Begin again—and again. This is eternal—forever beginning…no ending, but a circle of love that binds us all in Oneness.

And so it is.

Angelic message channeled by Lindsay 11/8/18 3am

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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