Ecstasy or Anxiety

The elements of the earth are dancing, vibrating in the ecstasy of the play of energy in motion. You may visualize this like the wind blowing in the trees.

You may be interpreting this motion of the buildup of energies in your life and in the world as chaos. It may even be interpreted by you as a breakdown, conflicts or even war.

It is just the shakeup of cosmic life energies with more vibration—faster, of higher frequencies. You may feel agitated, inspired, or anxious. It is possible that you may feel inspired, energized, and ecstatic

This energetic transfer may range from simple annoyance to full blown panic in some. It is designed to get your attention.

Do we have your attention?


Now is a time of choice. What will you choose? We invite you to choose to interpret the disruption of life as you know it, as a good thing. Understand that movement is a sign of life, of growth, and expansion.

Of course, it will feel better to ground the energy that is “jumpy” and agitating into the Earth body upon which you stand. She who would support you and hold you, will stabilize your feelings.

It can be as simple as breathing.

Take a deep breath into the solar plexus energy center (belly breath)with focus and exhale it slowly with the purpose of cleansing your energy field. Just this simple practice will shift you.

Awakening does not happen with one event. Awakening is choosing in every moment.

~Lindsay Godfree

(Reference any practices that appeal to you for grounding to expand this teaching. “Grounding or earthing is a therapeutic technique that focuses on realigning your electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth… have reported benefits for inflammation, pain, mood, and more.” Healthline)

Simple and Profound Practice of Breathing

Take a deep breath and fill your lungs fully, from your belly and all the way to your heart.

Be conscious with your breath. Whenever possible practice conscious awareness of your feelings and of your deep breath in response. This is simple yet profound.

This one thing can stabilize you.

Add to it a sigh—a sigh of release, of relief at the letting go. Symbolic of the letting go of the tension within you. Consciously relax the muscles and the tension that you have been holding in your body.

Release this to the earth in any way that feels good to you. Just allow yourself to release. Release physical and emotional toxins through the breath.

Do this practice throughout the day. You will feel better. Life will feel better. Simply breath deeply and with purpose.

Change Your World

There is so much of what is ailing the energies of Earth that would be helped by the simple conscious breathing of each one of you.

Breathe in and breath out with consciousness and with love.

This may seem so simple—too simple. Your mind will want to dismiss our profound teaching for you this day. Will you choose to hold onto your anxiousness, your stuck energies, your depression and agitation? Or will you stop and breathe?

Will you do this simple practice to help yourself? Will you do it to help the world situation that disturbs you and disrupts your peace so much? Will you do this one practice for your health?

All will benefit from deeply breathing.

The Presence of God and Angels

What if the presence of all life—of “All That Is,” is active in the air that your breath in an out to sustain your life? We tell you that it is.

Incredible and amazing is the very essence of life that surrounds you, holds you, and supports you in this life.

Take in all that life wants to bestow on you in each simple breath. That first breath you took at birth unto to last breathe you take in your human form, holds the essences of life itself within it.

You may call the the breath of life the presence of Love. You may call it by any number of names you have for God, or you may call it “The Force;” but the power of creation is within you, surrounds you, and is YOU. Simply choose to take it in.

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Angels of Purity

We of the angelic realms that exist within all of this, do now leave you with an energy transmission. It is a puff of light frequencies—a breath of pure essences from heavenly beingness. We give you a transfusion.

We breathe into you the PURITY of the ascension frequencies of the spectrum of love/light of the White Ray. Purity and holiness is moving into your cells with your next breaths and throughout the day.

Indeed, you may breath this in at any time that you relive this message—whether it is in reading it or simply remembering this blessing that we gift to you now.

Breathe. Just breathe.

And so, it is done.

And so it is,

The Angels

“Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of Divine Illumination and Communication – an angel of the moon, water, and inner vision that helps you balance, enhance, and express your emotions.  He especially helps to create a flow of communication between yourself and the Divine realm.  As with moonlight, he works with the white ray to help raise your vibrations with white light and bring hope and joy which are emotionally balancing.  He shines light on your gifts, truth, and divine purpose to sustain your divine plan.  His white light brings clarity of vision and insights.”  from: Working With the White Ray



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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