Each Soul Must Shine Their Own Light

Each Soul Must Shine Their Own Light

Channeled Dictation -by Lindsay as the Angel Oracle 11/14/18

Each person has uniqueness. Your life story is your creation and has its own gift and message to give. Your spiritual path is unique to you and you alone. All are an individual divine spark burning with possibilities.

The individual soul’s vibrational energy is the essence of a part of Universal Consciousness. It is priceless in its differentiation from all the rest.

Too much time and energy is spent by humanity to be like others—to be other than one‘s own true self. You strive to belong by following the loudest voice. What a travesty! What a grave misunderstanding of one’s life purpose. It is a form of darkness to cultivate sameness—it is an enslavement of the spirit.

Your children are taught to conform at every turn. Encourage their individuality, their brightness; what they bring to life, no one –NO ONE can contribute but them. They are divinity incarnate.

The old way of controlling the mass consciousness is dying. It’s breathing its last breath and the death knell has been sounded. Let it die! Support curiosity and thinking outside the box, even radical new thinking. It is the evolutionary plan for humanity.

Be an example of joyously expressing YOURSELF—as you are—no filters. Be free in the fullness of love that you are. Express the divine creator within you. It gives others permission to explore what longs to be fulfilled within them. Creativity in all its outrageousness can be so beautiful when expressing love and joy from within.

It is only when love and divine expression are suppressed that today’s teens act out in from the darkness and pain that they feel—even to taking their own lives and the lives of others. They have been blocked from their true mission. They have not been valued for their unique gifts. Help them explore and expand what begs to be revealed from within in loving kindness. Their souls cry out for expression.


The new souls being born will be the leaders. Listen to them. Play with them. They come from a consciousness not yet manifested or recognized today. They must be allowed to blossom in the fullness of who they are—who they are here to be, in all their glory.

See the divinity in all. Begin with finding that divinity within yourself. You are not less than the brightest lights you see. You see the brightness of others BECAUSE YOU ARE THAT LIGHT.

Shine that light! Shine on bright star!

And so it is.

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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