Drink Water for Happiness

Drink Water for Happiness

Be conscious of what you drink. The human body is made of water, anywhere from 55% to 78% depending on your body size. The brain consists 90% of water so if you do not supply enough water to your body, your brain cannot function well. How can you have greater consciousness without enough water?

The many functions of water in human body are vital to survival including: 

  • Transporting nutrients and oxygen into cells
  • Moisturizing the air in lungs
  • drink water and smileHelping with metabolism
  • Protecting our vital organs and joints
  • Regulating body temperature
  • Detoxification and removing waste

Bottom line, water is needed for energy because it is used by the body to nourish it and help flush out toxins and waste products. If your body lacks water all the vital organs will be exhausted and so will you. You could say that drinking water even puts you in a good mood. When your body feels good that’s when you feel happiest.

More than half of all Americans drink bottled water and about a third of the public consumes it regularly. So you probably already know how important it is. Whether you drink bottle water, tap water, or filtered water be conscious of what makes the water you drink “healthy water.”

Like most things, answering what “water is healthy,” is controversial and it depends on who you talk to. Some of the bottled water brands have been tested and were found to actually be harmful for you. Some people think that the dissolved minerals in the water are good and others think they’re bad. There are many opposing views in the bottled water arena.

Personally I drink Kangen water. It is processed through a purifier that makes 5 different kinds of water including alkaline. I am working on detoxing, losing weight, and eliminating acid reflux and candida that thrives in an acid system. Alkaline water balances my system. Further it has been proven that disease cannot thrive in an alkaline system even cancer.

Here is a video that explains it.

Ultimately you will have to decide what you believe and what water is best for you. Use discretion in your choices. Don’t get too carried away with the whole water issue, but do drink water no matter what.

Be moderate in everything, including moderation.

Horace Porter

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