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Do you Wonder – Who and What Are Angels?

Tuning into the angelic frequency we find so much love and comfort in the messages that the Angels have for us.

Angel guidance comes in many forms, but primarily as symbols and picture images of life and love.

Their messages are encoded all around us in vibrational energetic signatures, these are the languages of Angels.

Here is a translation of what they said in a communication on 06-21-20~~


Angels are sacred geometric angles—aspects of energy vortexes that make up the character and transmit the “mind of God.” We have come to represent different virtues to humanity and are include all things beautiful.

There is the one Consciousness that you may call God/Source/Universe or any name that you choose, that represents the ONE that is the Creator—the All-That-Is. We are also the ONE, as are you, for All is a fractal of the one Creator. To understand this. you might liken it to your DNA that is the same no matter what cell of the body you are talking about.

We are resonating energy patterns of light that gather together as a “body” and coalesce as angles and coordinates which take on attributes—that may look like a personality to the linear thinking of humans.

We Angels have an eternal life as an energetic entity in infinite manifestation. We are here to assist mankind whenever you tune into our energy. You call and we answer that call simultaneously.

You could say that we Angels are aspects of you too. There is not the separation that you imagine in your 3D-dimensional reality. Your mind works so hard to separate, sort, categorize, and judge. This allows the multiverse to be organized in a linear way in space/time to orient you within your very limited reality.

The reorganizing of energetic information can be exhausting to the human being and is totally unnecessary in higher energy fields of multidimensionality. It would help if you would release the need to try to understand everything with your limited mind.

Be content to let life exist in the multiverse of the unknown for you.

We assure you that you are safe without the mind chatter. These brain patterns that have been trying to protect you and keep you safe in this world do not serve you in the long-term. They are not relevant in the evolutionary next step that you desire.

How to release the mind chatter? By just being quiet—going with the flow. We assure you that you can continue to be doing without the constant input of the limitations of the mind. It is only the ego that tells you that it must have control all the time. It will be more peaceful, joyful and productive without all the well-meaning help of the protective personality (the ego).

You can hug and love yourself through the process of releasing resistance. By physically hugging yourself and taking care of your body in every way that you can think of you find self-love. Put your mind to work on that job to keep it busy.

Also ask yourself continually, “What is the next most loving thing that I can do?” You will discover new and forgotten ways and means of expressing love. In this way, love will express around you and through you and AS you. Like the wind moving the trees—blowing the leaves of the seasons of your life.

TRUST THIS PROCESS of awakening happening within you. This is safety—the only true safe place is to shelter in the love that you seek—the love that you already are.

Sit with the energy of love and safety—draw that feeling into an embrace within you. There is a hand-hold in the balance of light and dark in motion within. Feel into that.

We are the Angels of light! The angles of the ONE that is the interplay of all life. We support you and keep you safe. We watch over you just as you imagine that we are—and we are so much more than you can possibly imagine.

Now walk with us through the beautiful gardens that we are now showing you in your mind’s eye. Watch with us the movements of the wind in the trees and feel the breezes blow. Feel how this brings joy to the earth beneath you. Here you can dance with us. In this way we are together now in the flow.

Archangel Michael Quote

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We love you!

You are safe!

You are held in a never-ending embrace.

You ARE ONE with us—

Feel the JOY and the truth of this.

And so it is…

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With Love and Blessings,



Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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