happiness received

Dance of Abundance and Gratitude

You are in another cycle of the seasons of life on the planet of Earth. It is the balance of the light and the dark that is represented in this time of the year—the equinox.

BALANCE is a natural state that is ever flowing through all things in the natural world. Balance is like the level of water seeking to right itself and become level. You will reach the leveling of the energies within and without.

In the multidimensional, you will be the flow of the Yin-Yang going back and forth–in and out. A perpetual motion of rotating forcefields. The balancing act of life flow is the growth and the expansion of the Universal One.

Awaken to the beauty of the processes of the tides, the seasons, and the light of expansion.

You ARE this. Love is the call and answer to all of this.

Celebration of Gratitude

As the attributes of the God Source, we the Angelic Forces are in constant movement and contact with all things that pertain to the organic processes of the Earth Mother.

It is in this time of the year that the harvest must come—the counting of the blessings will occur. Make an accounting.

The harvest and the blessings that are accumulated have been stored up for you for this time of outpouring of the fullness of times. It is for your edification to acknowledge and to celebrate all that has transpired to this point in gratitude.

Oh, you love the feeling of gratitude, for it creates within you a hormonal change and bathes the cells in the love that you are. Wash your cells in this bathwater of celebratory gratitude.

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Counting of Blessings

Just the idea of counting your blessings as harvested accomplishments, as symbolic vegetables of different shapes and colors, makes your heart sing with delight.

Try this exercise of blessing counting as if you were a little child collecting gifts from the garden that you grew yourself—for you did.

Life is a garden, and you can draw shapes and color them, label them, and put them in a basket too, to symbolize all that you have done and learned. Make a list of them. You could collect a cornucopia arrangement. Any way that you use to watch the accumulation and revel in it is worthwhile.

Life is the garden of the heart’s song. Even if what grew is not what you expected, it is going to be a delightful surprise to pick and count all that you have gained. Pile it up and croon over the richness of the experience.

Your soulful self and the hosts of heaven are delighted by the progress that you have made. Of this you can be assured, for we are here to proclaim it to you!

You are the chosen ones that have come to the harvest called the “last days.” The endings and beginning of this time on Earth are monumental.

Bank the joy of your experiences for you are rich with them.

Angel Elements of the Earth Dance

We come to celebrate you and sing the songs of rejoicing. You see the world dressed in rich golden colors and all manor of oranges, reds, and yellows. These are of the earth and the sky at morning and evening sunlit glowing.

Just like that magic of the pumpkin, the one in the fairytale that is turned into a carriage to give Cinderella a ride to the ball, you will ride to your destiny—the fulfillment of dreams.

We salute you! Accept your riches and your harvest with grace. Receive the blessings that are yours.

We love you in all of the phases of your life story and in all the ways that you display your own colors and changes of costume.

We flood you now with an outpouring of gratitude for your being embodied on the Earth now.

See the flowing gowns of fall colors dancing. Let us have this dance together!

And so it is,

The Angels

More – Thanksgiving and Gratitude for the Light Within

“There is no greater joy than this connection with Source. Although this union is not what you thought or expected—the joy, bliss, love is so profound why wish for more? There is no more—this is the All-That-Is, the infinite One that you are and have been all along.

Yes, put your hands together in recognition, in gratitude and thanksgiving, over your heart. A true Namaste to you—to the infinite.”


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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