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Contact Your Guardian Angel

Everyone has a guardian angel.  There is an angel lady named Lorna Burne* who sees guardian angels all the time. Lorna says that everyone has a guardian angel that stays with them through their entire lifetime. She is especially gifted to see angels around people on a daily basis.

It is interesting to me that she had learning disabilities that made it very difficult for her to read. To me this indicates that her brain is wired just a little differently than most but more and more people are tuning into angels.

Everyone is uniquely gifted in their own way. Sometimes difficulties are the triggers to your gifts. Your Angels want you to know that you too are gifted. All you need to do is to ask them for guidance and they will help you.

My angel of light and primary guardian is the Archangel Michael.

When a psychic friend pointed out that Archangel Michael stood right behind me and asked if I could feel the weight of his presence on my shoulders, I noticed that I could feel him there. This inspired me to go deeper to connect to Angels.

I have always known that I am protected and I suspect that Michael has always been with me along with my personal guardian angel.

Another angel close to me is called Joyel. I received a personal message from her even though I had never heard of an angel by that name before.

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Many people have gifts to see, feel, or know angels. I didn’t think I was one of them but now I can talk with them daily.

I believe that everyone can tune into angels. Certainly everyone has Spirit Guides of many kinds it is just a matter of matching their frequencies.

Who is your guardian angel?

There are so many angels and more that come into existence all the time as the Universe expands on every level. The best way to get a name for your guardian angel is to ask them yourself. You are actually the best person to ask that question because you can tune into their vibration better than anyone else.

Everyone has guides in the spirit realm whether they be angels, star beings, Ascended Masters, or healing Shamans. It is a matter of asking and then listening for their wisdom.

Trust your own intuition and practice your own connection to Source Energy.

I would encourage you to trust your own divine connection to God/Source/Universe. You are a sovereign and divine light being. You have the power and even a duty to connect your energy to the Unified Consciousness of All-That-IS. Tune in.

Sit meditatively with the intention to get in touch with your guardian angel. I suggest that you pray for guidance and protection. It is very important that you clear your mental mind of its noisy chatter and just listen.

Do not be discouraged if it takes practice to tune in. In the beginning, you might want to draw an Angel Oracle Card to help you trust your intuition.

Tune in to Multidimensional Frequencies

Many channels receive downloads or transmissions from different frequencies of higher dimensions. These are sometimes collectives and sometimes individuals. Angelic realms are said to be on the frequency of the seventh dimension.

Get a Personal Angel Message

Sometimes specific Archangels come forward with a special blessing. (Get your free Angel Activation) Sometimes there are Spirit Animal guides that come in as well. I never know what will be said but it always seems to be very meaningful to each one of my clients as you can read in their testimonials of my work.

In my work I can receive a personal Angel-Oracle Message from your collective group of Guides and Angels. (See my website WORK WITH ME offerings)

No matter what, you would be best served by building your faith and trust in your own discernment. This means finding out what resonates with you and makes you feel good.

You will feel a positive rush of tingles, goosebumps (“angelbumps”), or perhaps a heatwave to indicate that you are on the right track. You can feel it in your body when you are on the right track.

Tips for an inspired life that includes Angels

  • Follow your heart and follow your bliss.
  • Be humble, open and curious.
  • Look for the divine in everything you do.

Mystical, magical, miracles will happen for you.

Live Life Consciously!

Love and Blessings,


*Lorna Byrne is an Irish author and international peace ambassador. She is best known for her bestselling memoir, Angels in My Hair (2008). A Message of Hope from the Angels (2012) and Love from Heaven (2014). Byrne says that she sees angels physically on a daily basis.


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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