Consciousness Energy Upgrade: Agitation, Emotional Overload, and Confusion

Consciousness Energy Upgrade: Agitation, Emotional Overload, and Confusion

As the consciousness rises—as the world turns—the energy gets more intense.

This is what the Angel’s said in the Angel Oracle Message on 9-6-2019.

The reaction to this (raise in consciousness) is agitation, emotional overload, and confusion for many.

The body is running the energy through as it is able—the best that it can. Do everything that you can to assist the body temple to function during this energetic upgrade.

The mental mind wants to understand and sort—to label—that is what it does. Let it be. Do not engage with it. The energies of this time are beyond the mind to make sense of them. Earth is in a cycle not known here before.

You must operate on multi-dimensional levels. The physical still must be stabilized—to be grounded like never before. For now, put your mental focus on health, cleansing for mental clarity and acuity.

Trust that your answers will come. They are in front of you daily. Do not discount the small things that occur but be watchful for the opportunities to love.

Remember to question what is rising in your body. How does it feel and where are you feeling it? What message is there for you?

Eventually, the new ways of being will open for you.

Picture this: It is like going through an underground tunnel system that squeezes and contorts your body, until that last turn opens into a huge cavern of crystal—beyond your imagination.

See those crystals of light in your minds eye and feel the power emanating from them.

That is right—open your heart—open in the core of your being for what goes on in the external is but a reflection of the internal.

It does open into an unspeakable treasury. It will open. Be assured of your soul’s guidance—keep true to following your course.

The answers you seek are within and are being excavated—soon to be fully revealed.

Time is not significant—although the worry of too much time passing taunts you. Be of good cheer! The awakening to the new way of doing and being is around the next bend.

Follow your path and keep squeezing through the tunnels and funnel the energies through.

All will be opened unto you! It cannot be otherwise. It is the law.

Do not fear. For this is the road that you have ordained for yourself.

And so it is.

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