Consciously Accepting a Joyous Future

Consciously Accepting a Joyous Future

dreamstime_freedomConsciously accepting a joyous future shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you live as if it is already true? Will you allow yourself to be that person who has all the health, wealth, happiness and freedom that you desire? Meditate and journal on these questions.

Changing my perspective away from rushing to capture the illusive butterfly of happiness and feeling like I was running out of time, has been a major and a long-time coming shift in consciousness for me. I have always pushed SO hard. My biggest fault, I was told, was that I “cared too much and tried too hard.” I think I finally understand how to let go of that part of my protective personality. The specter of the “not good enough” consciousness does not serve me anymore.

I have an understanding now that we are made up of Divine energy. That our thoughts and emotions are creative forces that create our reality. And the most important part of that creation are the feelings of happiness, joy, and love. I have not allowed myself to feel those feelings because of worry that they would not last but would be snatched away from me. It was easier of me to deny them than to lose them. I even thought things like, “why have a long-term relationship, when it will only end in pain.”

Through the work of Ester Hicks and the Abraham Teachings, I was shown an alternative way of looking at things that feels so much better. That view is, that the future is already in existence on the plane of energetic vibration where everything is created. The future that represents all the things that I want and have asked heaven for, has already been answered and is coming to me. The only thing that I need DO or BE is in the receptive mode to receive the reality of that creation.

From that perspective, I am not in a race. I am not in an Easter Egg Hunt with others to find and be the first to grab the best eggs—I am simply waiting for the future that has already been created to flow to me where I AM. This perspective allows me to dwell in an energetic vibration of gratitude, excitement and anticipation for the future that is coming my way.

This ties into my vision of God and Universal energy as supportive and loving. Why would anyone choose to think any other way? First it is so painful and unproductive—and also it really isn’t true. One can connect to Source and know through many signs and wonders every day, the way that we are each loved and cherished by the Universe. Refer to my works on Beliefs and Intuition.

So any time that I feel that I am in a state of worry about what the future is bringing—I can take a deep breath, go within, and feel the reality of my dreams flowing to me. In the past I have seen myself running a frantic race against life and against time that I could not win, no matter how hard I tried—no wonder I was depressed. Now I understand that it isn’t a race—it’s a journey and the joy is IN THE JOURNEY.

My wish for all of us is that we can relax into the joy of life, the wonder of the path, and the beauty of how it all unfolds for us on a daily basis. Rest in trust and faith that God, Source, the Universe has your back. It is true! Just allow it to be true for you!

It goes back to thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions again. If we allow ourselves to believe that life unfolds for our best good always, then we can be happy with what is—otherwise it is a fight with our view of life all the time. It’s exhausting and depressing. Do not fight with what has appeared in manifested reality—but know that reality is already in the past. We are living in a time of change and greater consciousness. Things can change in the blink of an eye.

The future is bright and coming towards us every second. SMILE and allow it to be. Hold your arms out to receive it, open your heart to let it in, and breathe the energy of love in, while releasing the past in your out-breath. The only thing that can hold us back is take is fear, unbelief, and focusing our thoughts on the things that seem to be in the way. Doing that throws up a wall to keep all the goodness we desire from our physical perception and our experience of it.

A new consciousness and a desire to “Live Life Consciously” with love and joy, will shift the life that we are experiencing to an even great version of our dreams coming true. Letting that shift happen in my own Consciousness has made a huge difference in how I move through life. I now see myself in the flow of life’s energy—coming toward me as a brilliant golden river of light and love. I AM allowing myself to receive it.

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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