Conscious Human: How amazing are you?

Conscious Human: How amazing are you?

universe oneHow did you feel when you learned that no two snowflakes are identical? When you realized that each snow crystal is uniquely beautiful in its shape and pattern were you awestruck? It blew my mind to try to calculate just how many snowflakes fell–every snowstorm–every year–knowing that they are infinite in their designs! It is hard to get one’s mind around. It’s incredible! It’s a miracle!

How amazing are you? YOU are more wonderful and unique in your creation than any snow crystal!

Let’s look only a few different ways that you are incredibly amazing just by being YOURSELF! If you ever you doubt it remember this list and then take a deep breath and strut your stuff.

Physically an Individual
  • Consider the fact that your fingerprints are unique to only you just like the snowflakes design.
  • Another little known fact is, that our tongue-prints just like our fingerprints, are unique.
  • And of course, your smell is yours alone, allowing a bloodhound to track you for miles.
  • As you know, your individual DNA is unique to you too. Your DNA is so complex that it could stretch from the earth to the sun 600 times.
  • If that’s not amazing enough: As we have seen on TV shows, our eyes are original in design too. Their pattern can be used as a security lock for secret government instillations. Ha ha.
Individualized Personality

Not only are you unique in physical qualities but in personality too. The science of astrology is calculated by the position of the sun, moon, and each of the planets at the exact time and place of your birth. This calculation of this unique heavenly alignment is based on complex mathematical influences in the solar system.

Numerology is another way to make self-discovery using the date of your birth and numbers associated with your name. Since numbers are the essence of all life, delving into a Numerology reveals our inner selves. It is yet another way of uncovering your uniqueness.

There is also a science called personology that measures your facial features and describes your personality by analyzing them. For example, if your lips are full you are a generous person. If your eyebrows tend to grow together in the middle, you are artistic. It is interesting to see what is written in our features. Imagine, your personal characteristics inside are reflected on the outside.

Even in palm reading and the latest— toe reading is your individual signature. Oh yeah, you also have a unique signature in your writing that those forgers are trying to copy. Your uniqueness seems to be written everywhere in your material, physical and emotional universe.

Are you beginning to get a sense of how incredible you are?

Unique Life Experience

Your unique way of perceiving the world is unlike any other living person. No one has your life experiences, they are yours alone. Even if the same event were to happen to someone else your understanding of it would be different.

snowflake3Can you appreciate just how amazing you are just in terms of your physical and psychological make-up? You are surely as original and beautiful as is each crystalline snowflake and much more.

Cosmic Consciousness

In truth the Universe cherishes the energetic vibration that you and only you can bring to life. You are a unique point of light in the infinite possibilities of ALL THAT IS. You are a vibratory sound in the music of the spheres that is incomplete without your tone. Life loves you with more passion than you can possibly fathom. Without you the fabric of Cosmic Consciousness is incomplete.

Next time you are tempted to feel less-than someone else remember just how original and uniquely special you are. There is NO ONE in the whole Universe like you! Be inspired to be the best version of YOU that there is!

When you wonder about your identity or someone wants to know “who do you think you are?”–remember the snowflake.

How amazing are you?….Infinitely amazing!

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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