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Claim Your Victory Now with Angel Power

Angel Message 03-22-2021~~ Angelic presence bursts onto the scene of the earths transition into the light of ascensions flame. We are aflame like the fires of the phoenix bird.

Like the Greek mythological story where the phoenix rises from the ashes–this is the birth of new ways of being for mankind. (Symbolism of the mythical Phoenix Bird is renewal and rebirth)

While the outer world looks like chaos the inner world can still be at peace and in tranquility. Within the Soulful Self there is the knowing that all is well. Tap into that state of being.

The forces of darkness have no power to stop the turning of the cycles of the planetary alignments which represent the great matrix of energy for this earth. She has her own timeline and all will be fulfilled in lifting Gaia to her rightful place.

While humans do still have their agency to choose, there are greater forces at work with a grand mission. While there is an apparent power struggle of groups and entities in government, it is the energy of divine Unity Consciousness that will prevail.

The Energy of Divine Unity Consciousness Prevails

Practice Trust and Faith

Your mental mind, the protective personality, wants to know all the whys, “hows,” and “whats” that are at play—you do not need to know, nor can you comprehend it all. Practice trust and faith. Center and ground your energies. Your part is in the consciousness the YOU hold.

You can call in the powers of higher frequencies to transmute and transform all that you see. Your interpretation of what is going on is like the view of the caterpillar on the ground. Make the transformation into the butterfly and you will gain a completely different perspective. Fly higher.

Which view is the truth? Which one do you choose with the energies you entertain? This is the question. Choose in each moment and commit to the vision you wish to see.

The Angels Perspective

You have the power to create. You are finally awakening to your intuitive powers to contact multi-dimensional fields that open up latent creativity. Your very cells are changing as DNA is evolving to provide for the continuation of a species complete with extra sensory abilities.

Support your body with any and all means available to awaken yourself with more ease and grace. Eat as cleanly as you can, drink lots of purified water, daily cleanse your auric field and invoke the presence of angels into your homes. These are just a few basic things that you can do to make a difference.

Start where you are with your daily activities and with your thoughts. Take your power back and make enlightened choices for your own body. Free yourself from the chemicals and pollution that is rampant in everyday life. Cleanse yourself of all toxic materials in your surroundings and force field. This is all within the scope of your power and then extend that influence in groups and communities.

You are not alone. There is no need for fear. You are safe in the arms of a loving embrace that you can feel when you are in meditation and quiet your mind long enough to feel this great reservoir of liquid love. Immerse yourself in the ocean of love, gratitude, joy and celebration that is the truth of who you are.

When you do this, you know there is nothing to fear for all is Oneness and all is also you—there is no separation. As above, so below. You are but a fractal of the infinite. Awaken to this truth and act in each moment with the understanding that this is so. Invoke consciousness in your life, in your body, and with every breath that you take. We will help you.

Call On the Angels

Invoke the help of the heavenly hosts that are not separate from you—we are always surrounding you and supporting you. Calm the dissonance of the disruptive energies around you to join us in the celebration of the ages.

There is a great tumult in higher realms of rejoicing and a parade of victory marching. See this parade with banners unfurled and trumpets blowing. We ride in on steeds of power with wings of light. The joy wells up within you as your heart swells to perceive the beauty of this victory march.

I AM here. I AM the Archangel of Victory! I come before you to present the symbolic flag of honor to you at this time. You are acclaimed this day and always for your soul’s willingness to stand for the light of God/Source that is your true identity. You stand in the face of all that is not love.

Keep the faith. Shout with us in unity, “I AM love in action! I cast out fear! I AM victory, victory, victory, and I claim that victory now!

And so it is,

The Angels

Authors Note: While there was no name revealed in this message, it feels like Archangel Sandalphon to me and he is depicted as “Victory” in the Archangel Oracle Card deck by Radleigh Valentine. Sandalphon wants you to know that your prayers have been heard and answered. He helps you to appreciate all miracles and victories in your life. Sandalphon is a leader among the seraphim class of angels and joins the angelic armies of archangel Michael to fight fear and champion faith.  He is one of the angels in charge of planet Earth



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