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Ceremony Rituals and Daily Practice

My boyfriend/partner and I travel for a living and the things we miss the most while we are away from home are our rituals.

Our daily routines are just so comfortable and unique to our personalities. I just can’t wait to get home to all the familiar things that I incorporate in my morning ritual.

Rituals connect us deeply to ourselves and to the higher source that gives everything life. Our ceremony often gives us the comfort of feeling that we belong somewhere.

During this time of great change, we can find comfort in our shared rituals.

Sharing ceremony creates unity instead of separation. It brings us together, even if we have to do it virtually, showing us that we are all longing for the same things in life.

I am finding that I enjoy being in a drumming circle with people from all over the world. We laugh and find our rhythm together at a very primal level. It feels SO good.

Acts of ceremony and rituals have been practiced through the ages. Ceremonies help us stay centered and give us stability.

I encourage you to incorporate new habits and find others who can support you; be it yoga, prayer, meditation, or a weekly on-line class.

Ceremony by ourselves, with family or in a group adds power and photonic weight to our deep desires by focusing attention and intention. Our rituals express who we are.

Even our ordinary daily routine and many of our pastimes count as ritualistic practice, being off limits to decide what is most important to us and expand on that.

Recently I have become very interested in shamanic rituals. I’ve developed a connection to the earth elementals and love to do spirit animal messages.

I want to learn more about earth magic, crystals, drumming, mantras, mudras and chants, etc. What new thing are you doing?

I wonder what is it that is suddenly drawing me to create rituals? I think it has to do with being confined at home and not being able to meet in groups because of the pandemic.

I think they are serving me to connect me to anchor myself and connect to the earths stabilizing, grounding energy.

Just like we need water, food, love and shelter for human survival, we also need ceremonies and rituals to survive because they create within us a sense of belonging. This need for community is a need deeply embedded within our DNA. Rituals anchor us to our reality.

Ceremonies are used to mark life’s essential moments. People tend to escape to ceremony and ritual in times of change and transformation. The most common are the death of a loved one, a marriage sealing the union of two lovers, or the coming of age ceremony entering adulthood.

But when you think about it there are many daily rituals in our lives too.

Rituals are a gateway to relating to the creative power of existence, they connect us to the divine, and to those things which seem incomprehensible.

Right now, I feel the need to explore ritual and to find a new appreciation for all the rituals of life that bring us together. What the world needs now is more togetherness!

I wrote about the importance of having a daily spiritual practice in my book, Awakening Consciousness – Finding a Larger Version of Self, available on Amazon.

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I’d love to hear about:

  • What are the rituals and ceremonies that you love?
  • What is your daily practice?
  • What do you want it to be?
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