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Celebrate the Blessings—Q and A

When I sat down and asked for guidance today it flowed in as questions and answers—not the usual format.

Whether the questions were all in my field already I don’t really know.

From the larger perspective of the Self and the Unified Field of Consciousness, all information can be accessed and the answers are there also.

Anyway, without the interruption of the judgmental mind the words came onto the page without stopping. When I read it, of course my mind said, “What is this? Why does it have so many questions?” My mental mind still doesn’t know the answer to that one…

The larger questions I came to write about were, “What is happening now that we should know about? What should we do about it?”

Angel-Oracle Message 12-02-2020~~

Dear one, life as you know it is soon to be fuller, deeper, and more fulfilling. Could this not be a celebration for you in your now?

The past is often a dream of flowing moments of experience—of a fleeting impressions hard to hold onto. Come into the present and anchor here.

From the pivot point in the NOW moment, time itself is malleable and can be ridden like a wave. Events in time can be reshaped and changed. Now is a good time to recreate the past and pivot into a new future.

The presence that you are, ALWAYS remains—feel into this as the great I AM. Stand on the stability of your I AM PRESENCE. From there create the change you wish to see.

What are the possibilities for the more of what you are becoming? From the highest perspective there are infinite choices. Possibility is endless—anything and everything begins with the creative light of presence.

What would you have and do with infinite possibilities? Yes, we know you would always anchor the light of God here on earth. Anchor yourself—your pure Self into a physical body. You would choose to keep it healthy. These things are basic—and what more?

Alleviate suffering? Yes, by accepting, allowing, and even loving what is. “Surrender to what is”, is a common phrase these days. In truth, in Unity Consciousness, all and everything exists in perfect wholeness. Your work is to choose in every moment. You have but to choose.

What do you choose in THIS moment?

Of course, the purest answer is LOVE, and to discover what means love to YOU.

And the question becomes what does that love look like from your unique perspective? Notice the love.

Expansion of the heart will bring you closer to your goal. Exercise that expansion with breath, intention, and attention in every NOW.

Look for the love in everything and you will find it.

Do not fret about this assignment. It is easier than you think. The mind asks too many questions. Let go and allow yourself the happiness of life itself expressing itself.

Sit in nature every day if you have to. Be out in the sun and feel the breezes blow. The elemental energies of the natural world will attend you.

Meditate until you are moved with creative desire. Affirm what you want and expect to be moved by the energy of love as it permeates everything. Receive the gifts that await you with this focus.

Let’s be clear, you need not look for love. You are love and nothing BUT love. You have only forgotten. You have only to recognize it.

Be happy. Be that little child again in joy, delight and curiosity for what newness is coming. The future is bright. Blessings await.

Let down the walls and drop your self-protective stance. Know all is well. Breathe in peace. Peace be unto you.

Love beams down on you continuously. Only bask in it and wait expectantly for blessings to arrive.

Take care of the details of living of course and just be in peace and love.

You ARE enough—you are ALL. Feel into that as reality.

And so it is…

Your Guides and Angels

This is a great Q&A by the higher mind angels. Now my mind wonders, “Maybe next time I should ask more questions to start with?” LOL

If you have questions of the Angels, leave them in the comments below and let’s hear the guides and angels as they answer them for us.


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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