fireworks celebration

Celebrate Freedom

It is with the full moon’s energy that we speak with you tonight. Within this energy download is a message for you about  knowing that you have the ability to have an ending. And that inherent within it is included the new beginning.

This is an Angel-Oracle Message regarding cycles of change.

The end is the opportunity to make an offerings of whatever has occurred and surrender it. Gather it up and lay it on the altar of your devotion. For we move onto the next chapter and verse.

There are cycles within cycles that turn monthly, annually, etc., all the way to the great Yugas. All of these repeating patterns offer opportunities for endings, clearings, and simultaneously the foundations and the seeds of the new growth.

It is time for the celebration of all of it.

It is with joy and love that we look upward at the full moon. With the fullness of the orb of bright light are feelings that ignite emotional energy. We look to the heavens for the giving and receiving of what was created.

Let us make offerings to love and life.

The Angels and Masters do make offerings with you and offerings to you of gifts that we hold for all mankind.

Choose Gifts of Freedom

Always we bless you with love. Everything is stitched together with love. This energetic gift is also laced with freedom.

As you tie up loose ends of the past you are free to choose something better for your life. Change is moving humanity forward at lightning speed.

What is it that you choose to stitch into your life? What would you knit into the fabric of your energetic being?

You are free to do as you wish like never before. It is a heady and exhilarating rush to do as you wish.

Are you smiling? Yes, it does bring a smile to your face as you see images of what you would create next and what beauty you can weave into the tapestry of your life’s work. Feel the fullness of the joy of your creativity, whatever it is.

Everything that you create is accepted as a gift to the Creator for all is added unto the One and is made of infinite possibilities. In this way all is holy and whole.

Free Yourself from Tyranny

You are set free from the tyranny of your limiting beliefs. Free yourself from the oppression of thought patterns that weigh you down.

Lay down your sorrow and your feelings of “not enough” (lack), or of “not good enough” (unworthiness). There are no such things in the perfection of the All-That-Is.

With this truth we make all things light, turning all sorrow and any suffering into golden light and purple stars. In fact, we make multi-colored fireworks of all forms of lack and limitation that you bring to the party today.

Let’s Party

Attend the party that heaven is creating for you using your multicolored, multidimensional patterns of sovereignty and independence.

This is sacred geometry. The powerful beings of light that you are—that we are, come together in creating a fire in sky.

It is a fabulous, spectacular performance of creation.

Just as in your Fourth of July celebration, let us create firework displays of lights, colors, sparklers, and grandiose explosions. We weave the colors of what you lay upon the altar of being at every turn of the cycles of change into the flames of consciousness.

All creation becomes a fantastic show of light energy that has never been seen nor heard of like this before. Life on earth is a new creation, magnificently beautiful in its majesty.

Celebrate at every opportunity and make all things light. We celebrate with you and unite with you in all that you do.

And so, it is.

The Angels

For more information on the history and meanings of the 4th of July reference Oprah Daily, The Meaning of the Fourth of July 



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