Big Realizations About Duality and Free Will Choice

How are you doing? I found the polarity and duality that is happening in the world today upsetting. We are being shaken and stirred to the core. Many times this month I wanted it to stop! I found the chaos and confusion disruptive and unsettling. Why can’t we just have peace and love?

During this same time, I have had some profound learnings from this period of unrest, pandemic, and exposure of our collective fears. There is so much great opportunity for radical growth. We can find joy in this process.

Over the years I have listened to Abraham-Hicks talk about the “Law of Attraction.” We all want to attract wealth and love right? They ask at the beginning of every meeting, “and do you appreciate the contrast,” and everyone laughs because we don’t. We want what we want—the contrast just shows us what we don’t want. We seem to get more contrast than riches, and yet the truth is that we create all of it.

Recently I discovered Matias De Stefano on YouTube talking about how he remembers all the things he learned from other lifetimes, dimensions and civilizations. His explanation starts with everything being created from the single point of unity. Unity asked, “What can I become?”

All our current reality is created by first separating into two, creating duality. Dark and light—the yin and yang which is spinning and trying to see the aspects of its Self.

Matias De Stefano explains the concept of duality in a way that I now have understanding at a deeper level. I see the need for the duality that I have been trying to escape from. I realize that I was hoping that Source would just get rid of all the “bad” and bring all into Oneness again.

All of a sudden I had the realization that I was deep in the polarity—in the disagreement—in the “judgement of others” point of view. OMG, I was just like “them.”

Hindu Spiritual Leader, Ramana Maharshi was asked, “How are we to treat the others?”

He replied, “There are no others.”

As we begin to understand the concept of duality, we come to realize that everything that is experienced in life is our own selves being reflected back to us—in order to truly see ourselves.

In this way we see how important it becomes to love yourself in every possible projection, just as you are taught to have compassion for others. During the stages of fully awakening you see the hidden aspects of the shadow self. You hold them and love into them.

Now I can really appreciate the way we experience this experiment of light and dark, positive and negative, of inner and outer worlds. In my awakening I experienced all as Oneness and knew that everything is perfect just the way it is. I know this is the ultimate truth.

When a consciousness chooses to learn and grow by being aware of the existence of both polarities, we organically evolve and grow towards integration. This helps in our ultimate goal of achieving inner energetic balance and finding the zero point.

This is the path of consciousness, expansion and personal growth which ultimately leads to integrated spiritual ascension.

The growth we are experiencing by being human is through the interplay of dark and light—the contrast of the polarity. We have the gift of free-will choice to experience our creations and to choose where on the spectrum of polarity we want to stand. The truth is that all the infinite possibilities of creation are represented in the mind of God or Universal Consciousness.

There is no “getting rid” of the opposites only a healing of the need to reject any of the aspects of the ONE—All This IS. We do indeed come to love it all as the Oneness that it is.

During a lucid dream I had the profound experience of viewing a chapter in my life with extreme love, heart-break, and poignant feelings all rolled into one ball. It was a such a tender sweetness that I can’t even explain. I can only say it was so amazingly beautiful in its fullness—the wholeness (holiness) was beyond anything I had experienced before.

As we dissolve into love more and more, we become nonreactive to peoples limited perceptions or beliefs. We can be in observation mode and see and/or feel where and why people are reacting and release the energy of needing to be right.

One no longer has to react because there is so much compassion and respect for the level of awareness and consciousness in the now. You then know that all beings have a divine plan and it is not your job to wake them up.

It is their higher selves job to navigate them through their own divine journey. You do not want to deprive them of their joy in their own awakening process.

In this state there is only love. It is ALL only love.

The ONLY thing that is happening here is our mutual awakening.

Inspired by a post from and the Gaia Series Initiation with Matias De Stefano Duality S1:Ep2 September 30, 2019

How ARE you doing? I would really love to know.

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  1. Lorrie on June 23, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    It’s like breathing in and breathing out. I think those words are from a song or something but how I see the polarity.

    • Lindsay Godfree on June 25, 2020 at 4:10 pm

      Thank you Lorrie. It can be as simple as breathing. I aspire to letting it be easy!


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