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Be Blessed by Cosmic Winds of Change

Change is here! Major world changes have been predicted for a long time. Although we have expected it, we did not know exactly when or how. We are now navigating the changes that precipitate awakening to the truth of ourselves and it is a uncomfortable.  Find comfort in the blessings of the angelic point of view in this Angel-Oracle Message of 04-02-18.

“It is such an exciting time on earth and the awareness of this is all around you. Be blessed by the winds—the cosmic winds of change. As the earth moves into a space in the cosmos that it has never been in before.

The sacredness of each day and moment of this journey is not lost because of lack of mental awareness. It happens on a finer frequency than the mind can perceive but the soul knows. Soon you will be able to connect the dots.

The doors of heaven open and pour out the blessings that have been held for you—for all—for so long.

(The Angels draw an illustration of  some dots on the page and then connecting lines are drawn on the page connecting them)


The group of lightworkers, of which you are a part, are moving forward collectively on all levels. You are not and have never been, alone.  Separation is only a dream. Rest in that knowingness. All are One, as you intuitively know.

Although time is not real, this factor still remains in the 3-D dimension where you have found yourself . Linear thought has its purpose. Do not fight with it! Flow. Flow. It is a downhill ride when you allow the flow.

The body has to integrate and catch up to what already is and it will. What is happening during this time is collective growth, an evolution, a revolution of consciousness—the like of which has not been seen before. It is great to be on the leading edge.

Do not resist beloved. Do not get hung up with appearances—you can and will move the awareness and perception forward. Keep the faith. Do not falter.


The Angels support you—the collective of counsels of light supports. You cannot fail. As they say, “Love has already won.” Be happy in that knowing even though you do not yet understand how this will be accomplished.

Sail the seven seas of the cosmic winds. Lift the sails of your heart’s wings and soar. There are reasons to be happy in this time of change.

Like the musical tones in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” you cannot keep from noticing the designs and signs of the destiny that sings to you. It is a crazy compulsion isn’t it?  Energies are pulling you—pushing you—drawing you like a leaf on the breeze–then pushed by the winds of change that arrives before the storm.

The electricity of the storm of nature—of nature’s forces crackles with a charge of excitement. Let it come—as it will. You will stand. We assure you that you will stand.

Like the oak tree, you know how to push your roots deep into the energy of the earth—the bedrock that holds you just like the large oak tree. The stronger the wind, the more the roots can, and do, go down.

What you can do to help raise consciousness, first is deep breathing, drink water, move your body. You can feel the circuits connecting those dots within and without as you become more sensitive to the flow of the energy.

Be of good cheer. You do not need to know how it all works out for “it is a mystery” until it isn’t. Rest in that.

Continue to do your daily work and dance the dance of the leaf. Sing the song of the birds that know it is spring and time for cycles to turn. You are a part of all of it.

All of it IS You!

And so it is…”

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  1. Lorrie on June 3, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    Yes it is windy. I am reminded of Mary Popping who came on the winds of change when the children called. She left when the wind direction changed. Steady as she blows my friends and know there is help and guidance.


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