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Awakening vs Non-Awakening in a Pandemic of Change

Awakening in consciousness is full of paradox.

I have learned that there is no escape from facing all the ways that we have deceived ourselves with separation and fragmentation.

No spiritual bypass is possible—the only way out is through. This is awakening.

By through, I mean going within and integrating the human self (ego personality) with the Soulful self. Through the communication of the internet and our heart coherence we are “connected while being apart” on a world scale.

In this world-wide pandemic, we have found new relationship with ourselves and with each other.

As a collective we are confronting our fears and our humanity. We are also being given a great opportunity to become conscious of a new version of who we are by dropping our regular routine of distracting ourselves.

As we take a breath and look around, many things that weren’t working in our lives come to light. Seeing where we have been misled—even lied to by ourselves and others, is common during the process of awakening.

We unearth programming that is buried in the subconscious mind which must be seen and acknowledged. Through the challenges of change we have the opportunity to feel our feelings over and over again through our practice of awakening.

Since we know that we create our reality, many of us feel shame or self-doubt around fully expressing the “bad” emotions that come up as we navigate things that we have no control over.

We can’t truly experience awakening
without experiencing not-awakening in the process.

In this time of pandemic, the feelings surrounding fear and lack are coming to the surface to be healed.

Can we lean into the despair and imperfections of life while in the transition of a world pandemic?

We are asking questions like:

  • How can I practice presence when life feels impossible?
  • How do I adjust to all the changes that are being asked of me?
  • How does one find balance in this new uncertain future?


So many of my friends and associates are figuring it out in their own way, both individually and collectively.

It is very exciting that as a result of this global pandemic that we are very quickly awakening more consciousness. It is happening whether we do it consciously or not.

We still have the choice to hold onto the old reality and not awaken. We could push away the changes necessary. We might try denial and hiding our imperfections behind a facade of serenity.

Many people will choose to not awaken at this time and that is OK—there is no judgement since all is happening perfectly.

However, the suppression of our feelings during this time of great change, can exacerbate the internal emotional upheaval. Stuffing our feelings will damage the corresponding organ systems that the emotions are associated with.

Looking into ancient healing arts we find that grief is actually held in the lungs. This connected the dots for me about my own inner turmoil. It also relates to why we are experiencing this paralyzing dis-ease in our lungs.


Grief is Held in the Lungs – Learn to Breathe Fully

I have been feeling waves of grief for some time. Grieving for my sister who died of cancer, for the earth drowning in pollution, for the limitations of getting older, the list goes on. I was also feeling empathy for the grief for the injustices of the world.

Today we may grieve the old way of life before the pandemic, and certainly those who have died. We grieve the loss of income, of our jobs and our personal identity.

Grief apparently is one of the most difficult emotions to process. It is the unbalanced emotion related to the “Metal” element, which is affiliated with the lungs as well as the large intestines.

The lungs provide a connection between your external and internal worlds through the breath. Inhalation draws in fresh oxygen and Qi (chee), or energy. Exhalation helps you let go of toxins physically and emotionally.

Grief directly impacts the lungs and overwhelms our ability to let go.

It is common to have lung problems after a loss of some kind including asthma, coughing, and pneumonia. Is it any wonder we are experiencing this pandemic of a lethal lung virus? I don’t think this is a coincidence, do you?

Dealing with grief can be drain and weaken your immune system as well. While we don’t want to deny our feelings we don’t want to get stuck revolving in feelings like grief and loss. Do what you can to build your immune system.

Slowing down is essential for the lungs to regain the strength necessary to help us let go and express ourselves in the world once again.

In a larger spiritual perspective, we have had an extreme slowdown in our lives in order to process deep cellular records of grief that have been on this planet for eons.

We are in the same astrological energy patterns of previous plagues and epidemics. And also same energy of the conditions of repression that inspired the creation of the Declaration of Independence in America.

There is also a joyfulness in the shift in consciousness and the awakening process all are experiencing. You could be feeling really good about what is happening for you at a personal level at this time.

Along with the earth “Gaia,” we are resonating at a higher frequency. We are more conscious in our daily lives, our relationships with others, in our jobs and in our value systems. It is a huge amount of growth to process.

We want to choose to move forward and not dwell on what is happening but to be present with ourselves. We get to experience life fully and enjoy the newfound self-worth that comes with more consciousness.

Embodiment as an enlightened being asks us to include all the contradictions and paradoxes of awakening and of not awakening, and everything in between.

Everything is One in the All-That-Is

As we embrace everything with love we discover that there is truly no loss.

We can choose to stay present without bypassing whatever is coming up for us.  It gives a new meaning to the statement, “Be all you can be.”

We will come to find true resilience in spite of the forces of drama and oppression that we have been experiencing in this 3rd dimensional world.

We transform, rise and fully awaken to connect with infinite Consciousness. In the process we can learn to create beautiful lives right in the midst of the world that is not yet fully awake.

We can relax into and accept the paradoxes that appear as we embody our multi-dimensional selves.

*Larry Yang, a Buddhist mindfulness teacher says, “It is the in-between—the range from extreme to subtle, the spectrum connecting opposing forces—that constitutes the totality of our lives, our practice, and our freedom.”

Here is our true awakening—embracing our freedom from suppression within. Most basically the suppression of our authentic Self. In this new freedom we allow all beings to be free from pain and suffering too.

It is in each moment that we find our larger Self—in the spaces between awakening and non-awakening that Spirit expands.

*In the Moments of Non-Awakening BY LARRY YANG| JANUARY 21, 2020


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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