Awakening: DMT the Spirit Molecule

Awakening: DMT the Spirit Molecule

dreamstime_dmtAfter writing my book, “Awakening Consciousness – Finding a Larger Version of Self,” about my spiritual awakening experience, it was suggested that I look into the scientific study of DMT. It was suggested that there is a hormonal component to conscious awakening.

I am always looking for more information to expand my explanation of my experience, so I bought the book, “DMT – The Spirit Molecule – A Doctor’s Revolutionary Research into the Biology of Near-Death and Mystical Experiences,” by Dr. Rick Strassman. It was quite interesting but not what I expected.

It turns out that what is being called the “spirit molecule” in hopes that it stimulates “spiritual experiences,” is essentially a psychedelic drug that can induce: out of body, near death experiences, intense hallucinations and even apparent alien abductions. Strazzmzn says that N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is created in the pineal gland located in the center of our brain, also referred to as the “seat of the soul.”

DMT is found in over 60 different plants either in the bark, roots, leaves or flowers—so DMT has been described as “the commonest hallucinogen in all of nature.” It makes sense that there could possibly be a hormonal element to natural occurring mystical states, but that doesn’t mean they should be pursued with drugs. Spiritual experience is now being scientifically proven on many levels and the line between the seen and the unseen thins.

In his book Dr. Strassman does a great job of honestly documenting his studies with DMT. He wanted to see if there was a correlation between DMT and the “psychedelic” states of birth, death, near-death, peak experiences, and “alien abduction” experiences. He says that, “Enthusiast of the psychedelic drug culture may dislike my conclusion: that DMT has no beneficial effects in and of itself; that rather, the context in which people take it is at least as important.” He ends the book very disappointed that none of the subjects he tested had an experience that had deep, life changing meaning for them.

What came to mind for me was that while it does make sense that the pineal gland would come on-line and produce DMT during a mystical experience connecting the energies of life and death—you cannot storm the gates of heaven. Awakening consciousness IS a mystical experience that will happen in its own appointed time—the time appointed by our own soul or Higher Self. Do what you can to improve your energy vibration by following good health habits and pursuing uplifting activities.

Dr. Strassman says that “a pineal gland release of DMT at forty-nine days after conception marks the entrance of the spirit into the fetus.” He says that DMT “affects the ability of the brain to receive information.” He further speculates that it can allow our brains to perceive dark matter, parallel universes, and realms of existence also inhabited by other conscious entities. None of these things were demonstrated in the book. I totally agree with his statement, “It is so important for us to understand consciousness.”

It is my self-appointed job to look at anything that expands consciousness. Humanity is in an evolutionary change as referred to in Bruce Lipton’s book, “The Biology of Belief,” where he says we have to evolve or die in the pollution of our earth. As always, the mind wants to explain and dissect the spiritual experience.

I have to agree with Carolyn Myss who says that some things should be left in the mystical, magical, awesome realm of God. Consciousness will never be fully explained and must be individually experienced on an energetic vibrational level to make it relevant for each of us. While at the same time we reach for the mystery of knowing who we are deep inside, we discover that there is only ONE of us here.

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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