Awakening as Consciousness is Happening Now

Awakening as Consciousness is Happening Now

Angel Message 11-14-19

Awakening to the knowledge of the larger Self is the process of being in tune to the subtle bodies of your identity.

In other words, the higher Self is already a part of you. Awakening is the realization that what is more “real” than the physical is the soul essence of the presence within.

The “trick” is to allow the soul essence to be stepped up and moved to the forefront in your daily life. What presents then, is the love that you are.

There isn’t a better way to say this than to just be yourself—be the love that you are. Can you let it out? Can you let it in? Of course, you can. And as you know all of life, nature, and cosmic forces conspire to help you in this endeavor.

The project of awakening is all that is happening—all that is ever happening. So, you can relax and be easy about it.

The awakening on the earth is moving forward as the earth spins each day and the galaxies move through space—that is the body of Consciousness.

So, there are no worries worth your attention and nothing that warrants disrupting your inner peace. You can toy with the energies of duality, but they are not you—nor are they of any permanence. Life is eternal in the sense that God-Source is—everything is the out picturing of the ONE.

Your concerns are in how to apply it all to your daily activities. This activity in the microcosm is of utmost interest to you and to all of the us who watch with great interest what is happening on earth.

The movement of each small fractal on the leading edge of creation is fascinating. For this is where the action is—in the physical plain. This is the growth edge—the unfolding—the most exciting and most alive part of what Life/God is.

Do not underestimate the importance of what you are accomplishing by each undertaking. Every thought you think and each action that follows is of interest to the Creator. Everything is growth. The pushing forward of the seeds that were planted grow within you and are pushing out into physical manifestation.

Like flowers that burst into bloom, butterflies that struggle to break out of the cocoon, and babies being born—there is great exertion in morphing existence.

Even though there is great discomfort that is involved in the birthing process, there is so much beauty. It is enough to make the angels weep at the incredible beauty of it all.

It is no wonder that the beauty of nature touches you so, and thrills you, expanding your heart and your love. For you see the patterns within patterns and wheels within wheels, of the divine matrix and designs.

It is so very beautiful, and it is everywhere all the time. You can walk in the awe and wonder all the time if you will.

The awareness of Consciousness is a joyful and magic exists in every breath. So be not bored or dismayed unless, of course, you choose to be, because life is so full of richness even in the cycles of death and rebirth—for it is all growth into the fullness of who you are. This growth is personal—it can be personal to you.

The things you take personally are not real—but the things that are of the larger Self, the sacred—THIS is personal. Consider a new perspective about what is important. You are never a victim you are only unaware of the larger picture. So again, it is all a matter of perspective.

With a different viewpoint now, you see and feel a greater picture—a grander one, a more expansive one and in this broader picture, you know all is well. All is well.

Go forth and serve the grand design of beauty and wholeness that is All That IS.


(I was feeling an explosion of energy flowing through me after this dictation. Tingling and heat of energy in motion. I didn’t really understand everything about this message when I received it, but the energy was certainly very real.)

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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