Awaken to Love — The Ascension Process

Awaken to Love — The Ascension Process

Love is the answer to going higher and self-love is the key to the ascension process. As you turn inward to see the truth of who you are, the soul knows the way to find you—follow it.

The biological DNA representation of the being of energy that you are, is changing. There is evolution in the world of form as consciousness changes.

The whole world and cosmos is effected by each NOW moment, each breath that is new, and each new vibration that is anchored into the density of the 3rd dimension of consciousness. This anchoring is allowing the particles you have amassed around your form to morph into a higher dimension with less density. This is all part of the ascension process.

This process is magical, mystical, sacred AND the next logical step. It is also evolution and transmutation even though you can’t quite get your mind around it. There is the coherence of the heart-mind and wisdom that results from your intention and focused by the energy in the body.

The tides of the planetary bodies also carry you higher when you go with their flow.

The self-care you are able to incorporate in your life is a most important piece right now. The questions that you task the mind to answer will support the evidence of love. Direct the mind to focus on the most loving thing you can do for yourself in this moment. This is the basis of self-care.

In this day and every day, the most loving answers have to do with upgrading your thoughts—how you think about yourself. They are also about how you talk to yourself. They are in how you see yourself in relationship to others.

You Must Cherish Yourself

You must cherish yourself. Not just your body and your precious life but your true self—your truest version of your Self, the Soulful Self.

This is a new line of questioning. It is a new way of being and a change but not an unpleasant one. This loving newness is like the warm sun on your skin. It is the melting of the snow—the removal of frost from any hardness of heart by the growing bonfire of pure love. This love is what you truly are. You are tasked with the duty to get used to it.

We love you so much beloved, for your willingness to experience the contrast and duality of earth. The swings of highs and lows must all be felt in the energy of humankind but not held onto. They are being directed to only flow through the consciousness to be processed on a cellular level as energy.

You can think of it as sound and light—color and music. You can think of it as electric, as magnetic, as shadow and light. Any way that you can think of the full range of life’s energies without prejudice will serve you. Take the judgment out of the equation.

In this way you can release the judgments of good and bad and understand—it is only energy and not a threat to you. All experience is important.

Through all that occurs we hold you ever close to us in arms of love. While the energies of life on earth ebb and flow in dramas of experiences unfolding—remember the eternal. Hold onto what your heart tells you.

It will say that you are eternal as part of Oneness. You are loved beyond measure, beyond all human understanding, and even beyond your ability to receive the love that is poured down upon you. Open your heart.

Practice Receiving Love

Practice the receiving of love from all the elements and layers of yourself. Receive love from life—from nature, animals, loved ones and friends. Receive love from sources that are not yet known to you. This is not weakness but true strength.

Receive the love and let it flow through you and expand within you—to flow out again boosted by your own heart flame. Rise higher in the ascension flame by the light of the qualities that you alone hold in the cosmic grid of Love/Light/Life.

You will not be overwhelmed when you let go of your resistance to this expansion of intense feeling. Release your resistance. Trust.

This energy of love is real. It is ALL that is truly real.

The greater love of the Divine Consciousness shines through the mud, muck and density of consciousness here on earth. Look for that love everywhere, for it is there.

Get excited about the treasure hunt for all the ways there are to love—all the facets of love that are present within you.

The Love of God/Source is found where you are in every moment of NOW.


We love you! All is Love.


The Angels

Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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  1. Lorrie Hutchinson on February 15, 2020 at 3:57 am

    Thank you. This is a great valentine gift.

  2. Laurel on February 27, 2020 at 9:28 am

    Thank you for your gift!
    I recently had a miraculous event myself resulting in a spiritual up havel of my life!