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Archangels New Year’s Blessing – Time the 4th Dimension

Time is speeding up on earth even as the frequency of the earth is also moving faster. Although time is a construct of the 4th dimension along with its counterpart space–we of the Angelic Host live in the eternal NOW.

Nevertheless, at this point we wish to address the concept of time on this an auspicious day of  the New Year, 1-1-2021.

You may wish for things to slow down so that you can think and you can savor the moments of life on the earth but many changes are needed in order to ascend with Gaia as she takes her rightful place in the 5th Dimension. Time is in this way is speeding up. You will adjust.

You are invited to slow your mind and allow yourself the space within to expand. This space is needed in order for you to flow through the changes with ease and without the resistance of the egoic nature.

When earth fell into the 3rd Dimension to provide a platform for the humanity to experience greater contrast it was for a limited time. That time has already been longer in earth cycles than was anticipated. Gaia will not wait for humanity any longer.

The contrast of earth has spawned many energy patterns of darkness, also called the negative spin. These dark matrixes and this level of consciousness must be released on the path to a Higher Consciousness.

Nothing is created or destroyed in the All-That-Is of course, and they will still exist in the dimension and timeline that is appropriate for them—but that is not here. Not anymore. The Archangels have announced Christ Consciousness and sealed you in light. (These blessings are available as free gifts here)

The critical mass needed for humanity to evolve beyond what you may think of as the “Darkside of the Force” has been reached. The sufficient love and light matrix needed exists as the basis for the new earth. Time moves forward.

The time has come in the cosmic galactic cycles for this shift and it is evidenced in the planetary alignment of the Age of Aquarius. This shift has all been foretold by many prophets in different ages, many philosophies and different religions. It is not a surprise and not new information.

The surprise is the supreme effort the light bearers have made and how quickly the light has grown to unify the people of earth. You are on the fast-track toward ascension.

We celebrate the energy that you are holding and the desire of your heart’s love to have a planetary body and a timeline that more suits the higher purposes that humanity will embrace.

As you know and have learned, humanity is involved in a great galactic story of the out-picturing of the dark and the light energies—the different patterns of the yin and yang of wholeness that folds in on itself as infinite possibilities.

This plan is being revealed to humanity as you are able to understand the complexity of it, and as you are willing to accept a larger picture of the mind of God. Remember the eternal and infinite nature of your Source.

Indeed, you are slipping into that Unified Field of Consciousness where many previously unimaginable things will be known to you as you move forward.

This knowledge, although strange at a level, is also a part of you and has always been known to your Higher Self. In that way it is not news, but it is stored in your very DNA—your linage as cosmic light beings.

The earth herself is building, with your intentions for the grounding of the cosmic light, her planetary body with a crystalline core. The core is the matrix that is needed for the structure of the New Earth. It is very scientific and will soon be revealed and accepted by the people of earth.

Your physical bodies also are taking on a lighter substance and a plasma body of an evolutionary nature. All this information is available to you on various internet sites and is not new. You can research all this on your own.

The message that we as beings of angelic light is one of congratulations. You have reached this monumental pivot point as the year 2020 has turned the corner to new cycles.

Our messages are given in order that all the heavenly hosts, all the guardians of this planet, and the designers of the evolutionary plan of humanity, might speak with one voice to say, “Well-done! We ask you to please celebrate all your victories with us at this time.”

The darkness has broken and the clouds will clear. Everything is happening as gently and at the same time, as quickly, as is possible. Don’t lose faith or the vision of the answers available from a new way of thinking.

Much has been gained through the sacrifices of many, both on the earth plain and many who have left the earth plain to facilitate more light in another dimensions. You gain strength by making a heart connection of union with them in whatever time and space they reside.

Although everyone wishes for more ease and more grace moving forward, it is necessary to break down the strongholds of those beings on the service-to-self path. They are of the dark side and are not allowed to stand in the way of the progress of the light bearers anymore. They do know that their time is up but that does not mean they will go quietly.

Things will change as rapidly as you can imagine, create, and engineer the structures needed for the greater collective to benefit without being hijacked any longer by the greed of those that feed on the light for their own purposes.  Rise in sovereignty.

There is a material physical structure in the 5th Dimension that you wish to experience and inhabit that is more beneficial to you. Reach for it.

There is more love, more happiness, more joy that wants to be given a life with more vibrancy and radiance that is there. You are feeling it now as a burning within you like a fire. While this feels somewhat uncomfortable, know that this heat is burning away the dross, the unrefined that is within your cells as they vibrate at greater frequencies.

These burning energy frequencies would have torn your physical bodies apart without the work that you have already done to elevate your choices and your life. It does take an element of time to adjust.

Give this new energy within a life as a new creation in this year and the years to come in any way that feels good to you and more will be added to you in blessing of your efforts.

We know that it has not been easy and many things will be hard for you still. Many changes are on the horizon and much still needs to be broken down and consumed by the higher energies. Do your best to let it go which means being open to the new—the unknown can be scary and many will be fearful—but you need not fear.

We come again to affirm that we stand with you and remind you again that you can call to us for assistance any time and all the time. The forces of angelic beings of light grow with your attention and desire for all the glories and attributes that we represent. We are accumulations of light energy in forms that you can relate to.

Know and feel the love that always surrounds you and upholds you.  You are magnificent, powerful light beings and always will be. You are the One in manifestation on the earth in a new way as you transverse dimensions consciously. In this way you take your physical vehicles with you through the veils of time.

It is a glorious time in earth’s history like no other. You are the light bringers, the lightning rods of the Divine love that anchors love into the physical, for changes beyond what has ever been before. You are the hope and light of the world.

You are indeed perfection in being your unique blend of attributes that was of your own design from the foundations of the earth. This is no small thing!

Keep the faith!

Archangel Faith and her consort the beloved Archangel Michael come forth at this time to give you a blessing of strength and add more light to the casting out of fear.

You are blessed with the ability to enable you to take on the empowerment of your birthright. You are throwing off the oppressors to gain sovereignty on the earth.

You are blessed with faith, as fear is cast out with this archangelic blessing:

With their joint power, Archangels Michael and Faith declare, “WE cut you lose! And with this mighty sword of blue flames, we cut you loose from the dross—from the hanging on of any entity, in any plane of time and space. You are cut loose from any being or pattern, contract or vow, that is attached unlawfully to your light. You are free! It is done!”

Breathe in deeply the blessing that is upon you now with three deep breaths taking it in.

Stand with your arms up, outstretched to fully receive it.

Now go about your day with a song and a skip in your step, for the hour of the victory of the Light of God is upon you.

And so it is!

With Great Love,

Your Angels

Thank you Angels for the support and blessings that you are to the earth. We are grateful!


Lindsay Godfree is a successful author and teacher who was struck by a supernatural experience of transformation and awakening. Her mission is to inspire others with her story and guide them on a journey of authenticity and consciousness.
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